The hardest thing with Trump – being on the winning side

Much to my astonishment, being on the winning side of the climate debate is proving more difficult than I had thought.

For example, take NOAAgate, after years of slogging it out against the establishment, I assumed course of events would lead slowly bit by bit to a growing scandal.

So, I was quite shocked, with the Republican controlled NOAA’s response of : “That certainly looks wrong, we’ll investigate (and almost certainly take action).

It’s rather like you’ve chopped down a tree and are about to bash down the castle gates and the little old lady inside says: “why not come in for a cup of teas”.

Because I’ve just seen Tony Heller giving a superb presentation to some Washington State legislature – and rather than me steaming under the collar as a sceptic – it was some poor old alarmist sod in the audience.


Of course, I actually feel quite sympathetic to the poor old sod. For having been totally ignored for a decade or more, I know how he feels.

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