Coverage and reaction to Mail’s revelation: world leaders duped by fake climate data

Add-Beginum: This #noaagate or perhaps #climategate2 is turning out to be bigger than I thought. Like #climategate it is starting with the blogs, and the establishment media is taking it’s time. But given the speed with which all climate blogs and some blogs I’ve never seen have taken this up, I cannot believe it won’t go big in the press.

I think I was the first to start using the term “the pause” and was certainly instrumental in popularising it on the blogs … so as my “baby”, I naturally felt a little aggrieved when the pause deniers tried to squash it to death with their fake data. So, when a whistle-blower came forth to say there was fake data – it didn’t sound like news to me!

Of course, the pause still undeniably exists in the only credible climate data from Satellites (the rest being heavily adjusted to get rid of the pause) – but that did not stop NOAA creating fake science to try to try to justify their politically motivated obliteration of the pause from their climate records.

The story broke (again) yesterday in the Mail with the Headline:

Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data

Quickly followed by the climate blogs:

Official Response:

US Committee on Science, Space & Technology: Former NOAA Scientist Confirms Colleagues Manipulated Climate Records


Other Blogs/Forums (just a selection as far far too many to list)


And reaction from fake science blogs:


I’ve always assumed the reason Senator Lamar Smith and the US committee on science pursued NOAA was because they had an internal whistle-blower who knew the evidence they used was fake science. But as we know, their subpoena whilst entirely proper and legal was not complied with by NOAA. Thus NOAA was acting in clear contravention to the law and the US constitution by not complying with a legal request from their oversight committee. The only problem was the committee need Obama to enforce the law – and for political reasons given the Democrat position, he would not.

So, following Trumps inauguration, I thought the new Trump appointed head of NOAA would force compliance and therefore Lamar Smith would come straight back, reopen the NOAA investigation bringing forth his star witness and the fake science data.

So, I was surprised last week to see that this week Lamar’s gunning for the EPA. Now however, we see … probably because there’s just so much corruption to root out … that the NOAA whistle-blower has come out publicly ahead of Lamar’s investigation.

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