The Chilling effect of Trump on Climate reporting

Following the initial snowfall of fake news articles on Trump’s devastating effect on climate from the Once Mainstream Media, something strange has happened:
The number of Newspapers reporting on “Global Warming” has dropped, and now perhaps 1 in 4 “News” articles are just ignorant bloggers, rather than ignorant journalists (Google excludes all blogs and news outlets from Scientific Sceptics from its “News”).
This drop may simply be because the Press are holding their breath awaiting Trumps appointment of various heads (people who will finally get those calling themselves “scientists” to adhere to the standards of us Sceptics i.e. evidence based science).
Or, it may be that Trump’s curtailing those like NOAA and NASA releasing endless anti-industry propaganda dressed up as “science” has had the chilling effect.
Or … it might be that the snowflakes have so much else to fill their bilious columns with.

But I suspect it is the calm before the storm!


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