The evil morality of the EU

For a long time I’ve suspected that the only reason the EU continues to grow, is not because being in the EU is fundamentally better than being outside, but instead, the EU penalises countries on its borders, denying them historic trade with their neighbouring countries forcing them to enter a union without which they would be better off, but because it exists, they will be worse off without joining. So, like a cancer, it grows by destroying countries on its borders until they have no choice but to join.
Until yesterday, I thought that was an unintentional outcome of the EU.
Then we heard the truth: “being outside the EU must be worse than being inside”. In other words, they are intending to punish the UK for leaving.
And to add insult to intentional assault, they then pretend it’s all to do with being in a club. Well the purpose of a club is to benefit its members, not to penalise people who are not members..
And if the EU cannot make being part of the EU beneficial to us in the UK, how the hell is it’s right to intentionally make things worse in the UK? Do whatever you like to your own daft members who stay in the pathetic EU – if you want being in the EU to be beneficial – good luck to you – but you are complete evils bastards¬† if the only benefits of being in the club is not being attacked by the members of the club.

Down with the evil empire!

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  1. TinyCO2 says:

    There has been a fundamental driving force behind the EU to form a single country that can rival the US, Russia and China. I’m not sure many of the citizens really understand that. That’s why a lot of the warnings against the UK went ‘you won’t be a major international voice’. As if we really care. The EU is essentially carrying on the work of Hitler but with a fluffy coat on. So sure, they’re going to punish deserters if they can.
    Of course the thing is ultimately doomed, for the same reason Scotland hates the English and especially London (how ironic that they were Remainer buddies). The further from the centre you get, the less say you have. In return, the most lucrative parts get to finance all the poorer bits and they hate that so they don’t share enough to satisfy the poor bits. Both sides grow to resent the other. By losing the UK, they lose a large part of the EU income. There will be both less spent on the poor areas and more taxed from everyone, especially the rich. The EU HQ will of course spend more than ever. Like all parasites it takes what it wants, even at the expense of the host. The Germans will be hit by all the expensive schemes they’ve started like Energiewende at the same time they’re being taxed more for the EU and one of their main trading partners has gone its own way. The true costs of mass immigration from less enlightened areas will be critical. Several other EU countries will be at the same point.
    By losing the UK, countries like Germany also lose a moderator. While in recent years, some of the loony plans came from here, we were often the voice calling for saner rules. Coutries have relied on us to make waves, only stepping up to the plate when we didn’t. Thus we got the reputation of trouble maker, while doing the work of others. The EU is made up of many left wing, protectionist countries. Already on the table is an EU unemployment scheme. How relieved the Greeks will be to have the Scandinavian countries paying their benefits. How peeved will the Scandinavians be? You’d expect these plans to come from the poorer elements at the EU but it’s actually the French and German representatives who have sold their own people down the river.
    The EU is at crisis point and the UK leaving will be used as the scapegoat. Whether it works is another matter. The banks have threatened to decamp for Germany but at a time when taxation and regulation will be the reaction of the EU, they won’t go willingly or fully. All countries are heartily sick of immigration and while the flow may ease now Assad has almost won, it may get worse from Africa. There will be increasing trouble from immigrant men who won’t easily fit into European businesses and who won’t be happy living in hostels and getting a low wage. Crime will seem like the best option for some of them and as resentment builds, terrorism also rises.
    I’m betting that within the next two to five years, border controls will probably become essential. Germany will start declining as high energy costs plus disrupted trade begin to bite. There will be mutters that maybe the UK did the right thing. France will head sharply to the left and blame everything on us. The EU will go bonkers and throw its weight round more than ever.

    • Bill Rollinson says:

      You are nearly right, it’s not another single country to rival US, Russia & China, it’s intention is One World Government, which is why Trump is being ridiculed in US, as Brexit is. It’s a pity he wants war with Iran to accommodate Israel.
      He wants a multi-polar world, just as Putin in Russia and Xi in China do.
      The people in the UK can’t see the NWO yet, the majority who want to leave, are for various reasons; immigration, laws, fishing rights, borders, but they haven’t quite seen the big picture.
      Under TTIP-TPP-CETA Treaties, we’d have had the worlds biggest Single Market, that excluded BRICS nations, they’d have been forced in by war, Financial, Sanctioned or Military……………..Oh look,………. it’s started.
      Since she came in, May has dispatched Liam Fox, to go do the rounds, sussing out nations for deals, but he’s placing TTIP policies in them, such as ISDS which allows companies to sue Government, if policies affect profits. Basically Corporations control policy making. Also under TTIP, Corporations were to get our Sovereignty and our Public Service rights, this was the main theme of TiSA and the biggest Public Service…………………….is Government.
      PS; Up to now 11 of the original 12 TPP nations have signed [America needed] CETA has been signed, just needs TTIP between US & UK & EU to complete the union. On top of these treaties, hey have signed the Barcelona Agreement in 1995, which was implemented in 2010;
      And the Marrakesh Declaration in May 2018, 2 yrs AFTER we voted Leave, signed by every member except Hungary; – This basically allows EU to bring in 650,000 Africans every year, from now till 2030. All these discussed in secret and behind the peoples backs, as Media never informed us what was happening!

  2. oldbrew says:

    Losing a net contributor to the EU budget must have consequences for the member states. Choking off trade with Britain is not in their interests either as we’re net importers from the EU.
    Germany and Austria are keeping border controls indefinitely.

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