The PC culture is sexist

There are three simple stats that show life is unfair to us men:

  1. Men die earlier
  2. Far more men than women commit suicide
  3. Far more men than women are in jail.

If we then used the feminist assertions that we must enforce equality, then we would need to:

  1. Spend far more on men’s health than women’s so that men lived longer
  2. We would need to make men’s lives more worthwhile living (and thus women’s less worthwhile)
  3. We’d have to have far more draconian penalties for any women breaking the law.

So, why are these not seen as “fair” whereas the all pervasive “equality” for women is? The reason is that women demand “fairness” where it provides them benefits, and quietly ignore precisely the same arguments when it would overwhelmingly harm them. So, e.g. we hear demands for positive discrimination for women in the work place … but no demands for “positive discrimination” for women in prison places.

Discrimination against males is far subtler than that against females

However, what I want to discuss today, is a way in which society discriminates against males that no one seems to discuss. The argument is as follows:

In any society, we must have rules. As the number of prison places show, it is overwhelmingly men that break the rules and it is right that those that break the rules go to prison. However, let us suppose that a parliament dominated by women decide that they personally would prefer much stricter rules than most reasonable people in society. It therefore follows that because men break the rules more often … that it will be men who are overwhelmingly penalised by having rules much harsher than necessary.

Thus the “nanny state” or the “cotton wool state” overwhelmingly restricts men far more than it restricts women. As such it is extreme sexism, in that it is  men that suffer overwhelmingly  from an excessive state.

Similarly, it is widely known that men are the “less refined” sex in terms of social etiquette. Thus, when society or organisations within society create meaningless Politically Correct rules, it is men who find themselves overwhelmingly caught and repressed by those Politically Correct rules. As such, these extremist social prescriptions are overtly sexist, only mildly affecting women, but having a massive affect on men.

The difference of course, is that whilst women are highly effective and manipulating the rules of society to benefit their sex … men just grumble and die earlier.

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One Response to The PC culture is sexist

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    The defining feature of PC is that it’s dumb. It fails to prioritise the issues it tackles and thus leaves serious problems to fester while irritating people with issues that don’t matter a damn. It fails to understand that being overly fair in one area, makes victims elsewhere. It ironically fails to solve problems because it doesn’t accept that people are different and need different solutions and/or some issues cannot be solved because the differences are insurmountable. It also fails to recognise that there must be societal norms that everyone, no matter what their circumstances must be constrained by.

    When it comes to prison, most people think far too few people go already – so any moaning that women might want a stricter system is moot. By and large men and women don’t want more people to be punished for a lower level of criminality (eg parking on double yellow lines) but that those reaching a certain level should be punished more harshly (murder, burglary, assault, rape, Tony Blair, etc). Do you disagree?

    Most of those areas where men fall foul of PC are stupid, petty restrictions but the punishments are little more than a stern look and a ‘tut’. Hardly in need of a radical solution. But one area does stand out and can be firmly placed at feminism’s door. Men are increasingly being accused of rape where alcohol confuses the issue of consent. It’s really not fair for a man to know what a woman means when she’s drunk and may regret/forget her actions the next day. Yep, that can be firmly blamed on feminism. There are two solutions. The first is ban alcohol but nobody would go for that. The other is to ensure that consenting couples get a certificate from someone in authority before they have sex and I dunno, wear some kind of token to show that they’ve agreed to have sex and will be responsible for any consequences of it. It’s a novel idea… oh hang on, isn’t that marriage? Didn’t feminism pour scorn on that? Yes, it was all feminism’s fault for encouraging sex without marriage that put men in this invidious position of not knowing when a women wants to sleep with them or not. Guys should punch feminism on the nose and demand a wedding before the sluts can get their lying hands on their family jewels. That’ll show ‘em.

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