Sceptic Any Questions

I was looking at a tweet listing the BBC any questions panel, and began thinking: what would any questions look like if I ran it? I began by thinking that I’d select some impartial questions …. but of course, the news reporting itself is biased, and “Any questions” is to the news what a school exam is to the course syllabus. And whilst you could change the questions a little, in order to really change them, you have to change the preceding “teaching” that the BBC does through their news.
But what would you ask? Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Do we live in a democracy and if so, what need is there for MPs to debate Brexit?
  2. Should the Hijab be banned in the UK?
  3. Should EU citizens be allowed to stay after Brexit?
  4. Is wearing a poppy a political act and is Fifa right to ban it?
  5.  In a Tory Scotland what would you do?
  6. It was widely rumoured in US elections that Hillary Clinton was ill. Did electorate have a right to know?
  7. Which diets work?
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