Who will rid me of these turbulent things

For the last four months the only credible** global temperature has annoyingly “hung onto” by its finger tips to the warmer El Nino temperatures
(**unless it too has been tampered with)
Likewise, despite obviously breaking the law by wiping her email server carelessly and recklessly storing official secrets on her email server and being part of a crime syndicate that sells pardons for donations, Clinton has annoyingly hung on to a poll lead**
(**unless those polls are being tampered with)
Of course, the two are interconnected. The reason why we’ve only got one credible global temperature record left – is the same reason that Clinton’s emails and “cash for pardons” scandal is hitting the headlines – it’s because the US is corrupt.
Unlike the UK, where a simple manipulation of a banking rate led to an investigation and prosecution, in the US, you can manipulate climate data with impunity costing $trillions and still get away with it – all because the government is run by a party that favours the corruption.
However … the other way of seeing this scandal, is that we are now seeing what really happens in politics in the US, something that is hidden from us in the UK because as the Docherty affair in Scotland shows, corruption is endemic in the UK and unreported and we only ever see small glimpses in social media of the true massive scale of corruption.
So, I’m fascinated by the Clinton Scandal – because whilst we never ever hear of such corruption in the UK – it doesn’t mean it doesn’t go on. And which is worse? Nearly electing a corrupt president – or always electing a corrupt PM?

FBI Hate Clinton

Something that I think is coming across quite clearly, is that as a body the FBI hate Clinton. And it’s not party political – it’s because they all know that if they had behaved like Clinton with the emails – they would quite rightly beĀ  going to jail. If they had accepted money to change a conviction – they would quite rightly be going to jail. It’s just professional integrity – you don’t want to be working for a boss more corrupt than the people you are investigating … it doesn’t go down well in the interview room “I never did nothing that was worse that the president”!

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