What are climate alarmists in the oMSM really concerned about

For me Trump represents a long sort after ambition: to know what is really going on with the climate once the biased corrupt upjustments have been removed. However, I thought today I’d try to work out what is most occupying the oMSM (once mainstream media) now that Trump is coming in to “Clean the swamp”. […]

oMSM drops "Global warming" – but still alarmist.

Over the years I’ve regularly done a google search on their news reports for “Global warming”. When I started, you could measure the delay in minutes. When I stopped doing regular monitoring it was down to a handful an hour.  Usually the stories from the current day would fill the first page Tonight, on the […]

Trump must be doing something right.

In the Falkland’s war, we found out that the Argentinians had been using bombs which just went straight through the British aluminium war ships without exploding. And that is now what it looks like for the alarmists. Take e.g. DeSmugBlog: Koch-​Funded Former Lobbyist Replaces Koch Lobbyist on Trump’s Energy Trans­ition Team What they don’t seem […]

Goodbye global warming – hello Global Cooling?

This month, we’ve finally seen the large-scale predicted cooling after the El Nino (in the only remaining credible temperature from UAH – all others now being UPjusted). I’ve been saying that temperatures could well drop before Trump becomes president – although to be absolutely honest – I thought he became president immediately when elected. So, […]

the Empire controlled some rights, but literacy rates were high.

I saw this exchange which @murdo_fraser MSP retweeted:- People always forget about Emperor Palpatine that he put an excellent health care system in place. Sure the Empire controlled some rights, but literacy rates were high. @Kennyf1283 Defence spending was 98.3% of the budget though. @jp_murphy They had an economic multiplier effect. @Kennyf1283 don’t forget the […]

Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’

When the Guardian runs an article admitting that Trump is going to scrap NASA climate “research” because it is “politicised science”, when it then mentions of all people, the highly politicised Mann, and when it does not allow any comments – because it knows just what people will say and just doesn’t want to hear […]