The allegations against Hilary Clinton

Not being from the US, I’ve been coming across a bombardment of allegations against Hillary Clinton, many of which appear so serious that it just beggars belief that she is not in jail let alone was never investigated and there are just so many I cannot comprehend the scale and breadth.
But when I came across this video

listing “21 reasons why so many people hate Hilary Clinton”, I took the opportunity to list the allegations and try and make sense as to which are serious and compelling and which may be just Republican mischief making:

  1. There is strong evidence she has some form of illness causing her to stumble, have spasms & uncontrolled movements. She is also described as forgetful by people working for her. There’s clearly some form of illness – at her age that is not unexpected, and the illness may not exclude her from office, but the US people ought to know about it and lying about having the illness does in my view exclude her from office.
  2. Several people who have worked with her testify that she is cold and lacks empathy with other people – again not a crime – but from the viewpoint of those outside the US these are not the attributes we want in someone with their finger on the nuclear button who could blow up half the globe.
  3. Email Liar – there is clear public testimony that she knowingly lied about her email server which had the emails deleted. When she knew it was criminal to do so. I don’t think there is any question she committed a crime in this instance.
  4. She also had high security information on a very insecure server (so insecure the emails have found their way to wikileaks). As I understand it, not securing highly secret information like this is also illegal under US law.
  5. I read somewhere from what I remember was a credible source, that when Wikileaks started to release emails Hilary asked to “drone” Julian Assange. This is illegal under US law and she would have known it. It also smacks of a trigger happy person who has no regard for law and order.
  6. Bill Clinton raped four women – obviously that crime was committed by her husband and he is the one who should be investigated. ThoseĀ  in themselves do not exclude her from office (except for the bad choice of having a rotten husband) – but the fact she threatened the rape victims to keep them silent does.
  7. (This is new to me) Vince foster was “mysteriously suicided“, office plundered and files destroyed, then ended up with carpet follicles on him, placed by a river with the blood going upwards. I don’t know what links them to the Clintons … but it needs a proper investigation. And there are more allegations of murders: “A lot of it might not be true, but how many freak accidents associated with the Clintons and working against the Clintons can we have until someone starts to wonder … mysteriously chopped up in dumpsters“. I admit US politics is dirty – and perhaps allegations like this are commonplace. But I have to mention that the head of the Clinton Foundation (who presumably could testify against Clinton) has sought political asylum in Russia apparently in fear of his life. This suggests that people close to the Clintons know their life is at risk.
  8. The Clinton foundation. There are whole videos just on the corruption. The most credible allegations involve payments to the foundation for contracts in Haiti and the the way very little money donated to Haiti through the foundation got to Haitians (as recounted by the ex president of Haiti). Another very specific allegation is the way Clinton’s brother ended up with a plush job in one of those given a lucrative contract.
  9. Benghazi – she was responsible for an initial press release blaming a video and slow to acknowledge it was a terrorist attack “they [republicans] blame Clinton for being among those who misled the public ‘rather than tell the AmericanĀ people the truth and increase the risk of losing an election.'”. There does not appear to be a criminal act here.
  10. George Soros (his name keeps coming up – but I do not know why)
  11. Destabilising middle east then arming ISIS. (Sounds like it is difficult to pin on her personally)
  12. Taking money from sexist Saudis and other dictators with appalling human rights and then falsely claiming to be fighting for women. This is important because she herself is making a huge thing about being a woman. She can’t support regimes that treat women like dirt and then claim to be on the side of women (unless she’s a sexist, racist Xenophobe).
  13. Claims she is named after Sir Edmund Hilary who climbed Everest – even though she was born several years before the event. There appears to be an excuse about reading the name in a bee-keeping magazine. It doesn’t sound credible.
  14. Lying about landing in Bosnia under fire “where the welcoming ceremony had to be moved inside because of sniper fire” – video shows her speaking to girls on the Tarmac. What makes this so poignant is the remarks were made in Waco (A place in US where there had been a massacre)
  15. Election rigging – there is repeated allegations that electronic machines change Republican votes to Democrat. It’s not clear what involvement Hillary has nor what scale or change of result this caused. It is very concerning it can happen – and if there is evidence it is still happening – no matter the scale – then the election should be declared void and retaken in those states using electronic machines.

On the Email scandal, I searched for the Democrat “response” and found very little at all defending her action. Eventually I found a video so banal and obtuse in that it did not at all addressing the serious points that I searched again and found this (which compares the same video with another to show the blatant lies and serious criminal activity):

In particular, the statement that she used multiple devices is highly damning as is the fact that they intentionally wiped the system clean so that it was no possible to forensically recover the emails that had been deleted.
Given her consistent lies, it is almost certain she illegally wiped emails which would themselves have been evidence of criminal activity. Or to put it another way, she intentionally removed all the evidence she could have used to prove she was not a criminal fraud who should be in jail.

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9 Responses to The allegations against Hilary Clinton

  1. jimmy Haigh says:

    She says: “It’s all smoke”. Aye. Right.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      just put out a couple of tweets for democrats to tell me what on earth is going on. I’ve yet to get a single response. I’m willing to hear the other side – but twitter is now overwhelming hostile to Clinton.

  2. Sarah ferguson says:

    Doesn’t Soros Own one of the companies making voting machines

  3. rms says:

    All that you report is probably true. None of this exposed to British people thru The media they use and trust, e.g. BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Channel4. Sad. I bring all this to the attention of my British friends who ask my thoughts on the election, and they think I am a right winger looney to believe that stuff. So wrong. The big disappointment in this US election is that many voters simply do not care that the Clintons are as you have exposed.

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  5. TinyCO2 says:

    First off, she probably isn’t very sociable by nature and by experience with her randy husband. She was aware that the staff were covering up for Bill and laughed at her behind her back. She could have been going through a late menopause too which hardly makes a woman nice to be around under the best of circumstances. She played queen Hillary to the hilt.
    She’s a true political wife who put as much effort into her husband’s career as he did, then for him to mess it up with his behaviour. She then realised she could be the top dog herself and aimed for that with the same determination as she pushed Bill. She’d be popular with the same attitude if she was a man but it’s not appreciated in women. Proof is the support for Trump who is arrogance squared.
    Yes the email thing was wrong but I’d bet she’s not the only one. Other lies – ditto. Lying is a political norm. One of the reasons politicians lie is because they’re unacceptable when they don’t – again Trump comes to mind.
    That leaves her health. I don’t know how credible the fears are. We’d all come across as a bit weird if every moment was scrutinised. Her instict to cover up and be private doesn’t help. What does slightly amuse me is how terrified the Americans of losing a president mid term. The UK spent several months this summer without a single politician in power or opposition. It turns out we don’t need a PM most of the time. And instead of getting a rubbish stand in we’ve now got a far better PM than the one we voted for.
    The Amerians, like the British are pining for a leader who’s got their back. One that won’t sell them out or look down on them. Neither Hillary nor Trump fit the bill.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      The problem with the email server is two fold. First she was clearly trying to get around FOIA law. In other words blatantly breaking the law. And if she’d been a republican the liberal media would have hounded her out of office just for that. So, that on its own ought to be enough for her to go – and the failure of the media to pursue it, tells you as much about the morality of the media in the US as Clinton.
      But arguably a far bigger issue are the secret emails that went through her server with her own “DIY” security. This would make her server a prime candidate for hackers, both governmental and public. And would very easily put people’s lives at risk.
      But even if none of the emails on the server had been hacked, and even if none of them put lives at risk – if she as a department head gets away with a completely contemptuous attitude to security – then in the future whenever someone lower has the same attitude and loses a few top secret emails – the gov. won’t have a leg to stand on when prosecuting.
      So gov. security will just go out the window as employees start adopting the same laise faire attitude. That’s why they have to prosecute – especially when the evidence of emails is coming from a hacked PC!!

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