Latchmore Brook: Another piece of nature at threat from eco-fascists

To put it simply … they want to dump 10,000 tonnes of gravel into a stream to move it a few meters … because that is “natural”? Friends of Latchmore If there is one thing I learnt from my own run in with eco-facists on our local area known as “Lenzie Moss”, it is that […]

Climate alarmists – forgetting the climate

These headlines today just about say it all: Climate Progress : 2 claims that Americans like to make about undocu­mented immigr­ants, debunked Climate Progress : In Fox’s ‘Pitch,’ women and sports aren’t mutually exclusive concepts Climate Progress : Twitter suspends top Second Amendment advocate who called for violence against Charlotte Climate Progress : Police won’t […]

Do climate sceptics risk becoming politically popular?

Asking a climate sceptic whether they want to become politically popular is one of the truly bizarre questions – because if we cared at all about being popular we’d have never been climate sceptics (back in the dark days before climategate). But obviously, we’d love the rest of the world to accept our views – […]