Is human intelligence a parasitic life-form?

I started a response to Mark – Helsinki  on the article “The Academic Ape: Instinctive aggression and boundary enforcing behaviour in academia” and it prompted me to think of a long forgotten idea about human intelligence which “I” thought worth recording. We are all used to the idea that humans are “alive” in the normal […]

TV maker Panasonic says it has developed the world’s best weather model

electronics company Panasonic says the company has been running its own global model for several years on an 11,000-core supercomputer. And that PWS model, he said, has not only been outperforming the GFS model but has become competitive with the gold-standard ECMWF model. “We started the global model development in 2008 and finally got to […]

Eco-vehicles fill air with deadly toxins Eco-vehicles fill air with deadly toxins Scientists have found electric, hybrid and other supposedly eco-friendly cars produce as much toxic particulate pollution as the “deadly diesels” they are meant to be replacing. The tiny particles are produced by tyre and brake wear. This happens in all cars, including diesel and petrol, but eco-vehicles produce […]

Dear Thomas

I wrote this in response to “Dear Thomas: An Open Letter to My Son” in the union of Concerned “scientists”. It will no doubt be quickly removed: Dear Thomas, When my youngest was about your age, a paper called the Independent said that “Soon Children won’t know what snow is”. As a parent I felt […]