Another one for the FU list

Today, I spotted this article “University of Cincinnati Cover Up Pro Fracking Study” on “NotALotOfPeopleKnowThat”, which demonstrates a clear intention by the climate extremists to withhold public information which doesn’t support their doomsday cult:

“I am really sad to say this, but some of our funders, the groups that had given us funding in the past, were a little disappointed in our results. They feel that fracking is scary and so they were hoping this data could to a reason to ban it,” she said.

Two things are important:

  1. We get to see a glimpse of the rational and funding criteria for this kind of research. Unlike for example Exxon who funding research to be better informed about an issue so that they knew where there was real issues and so knew how to invest their money, this funding is purely and simply to create scare stories and unless it creates the scare stories, it is then dumped.
  2. Even though they are academics – and academics are overwhelmingly left-wing and “green” in their outlook – particularly in this area of work, it appears that the researchers are not entirely happy with having their research dumped as it appears it was they who released the information. So, clearly even on the extreme wings of academia, splits are developing between what I would POLITELY call “environmental fascists” and less extremists but still pro-green academics.

FU list? A while back, I started collecting links to all those useful articles that have the ability to shut up the stupid alarmists that don’t know anything themselves but instead make their “argument” by copy and pasting a link to some PPP website (pathetic-paidfor-propaganda). I call it my “FU” list – because most of these have at one time shut up some alarmist. (now promoted to a menu it).

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  1. stewgreen says:

    Good Call Mike
    – For sometime we know for many (not all) onthe alarmist side its about Propaganda not scince they use every trick in the book.
    Calling on Exxon to own up top “truths” it never had ,,whilst at the same time alarmist hide their own inconvenient data.

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