Oil slump continues to hit Aberdeen hotel trade

The SNP are amongst the biggest hypocrites in history. On the one hand they constantly suggest that “Scotland could be independent paid for by our oil”, on the other hand, they are doing all they possibly can to destroy that oil industry through their obsession with global warming. Written by Erikka Askeland – 25/03/2016 7:47 […]

The smoking gun that proves the caterpillar theory is correct.

Roger Tallbloke asked a very sensible question: “So you have evidence of 100kyr swings in volcanicicty? Why haven’t they been spotted before?” Just to recap, the caterpillar theory says that thermal expansion of the crust leads to tectonic plate movement and that in turns leads to volcanism which precipitates massive pressure-induced warming taking us from […]

The theory that will bring down global warming

The way global warming works is complex and multifaceted, and no single model will encompass all the effects neatly into one package. However there are two simplifications in common use. One (the heat trapping model) presents a view of a change in CO2 as changing the rate of heat flow thus “tipping” the planet into […]

Proof of long term pressure change & its implication for ice-age cycle.

I’ve already written a few articles on the possibility of atmospheric air pressure change causing the temperature change over the ice age:  (overview,  calculations), this suggests that if the air pressure increased by 30% that would be enough on its own to cause the 8C warming we see coming out of an ice age. It […]

Duration of urination does not change with body size

I was searching for “froude number diameter” (something that won’t mean anything except to a hydrologist – or maybe ship builder) and I came across this stunning piece of research: Significance Animals eject fluids for waste elimination, communication, and defense from predators. These diverse systems all rely on the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics, which […]

Guardian lays off 310

There seems to be something in the air with climate. First the Australian government layed off 350 self-styled “scientists”, now the Guardian is doing the same for so called “Journalists” (and other staff). It couldn’t happen to a more deserving paper. Their vile hatred against everyone else for using fossil fuels as they squandered the […]