Gullible Greens "Hang on why isn't anyone doing anything about real pollution"?

I note in the Guardian there’s a piece finally grasping the reality that has been obvious to every sceptic: Paris was a failure and the Global warming scam is just a way for BIG OIL and other similar interests to either make massive amounts of money (from wind and oil price rises) and/or focus the […]

Peak Global Warming

A bit of personal forward planning As far as public interest is concerned, global warming peaked in 2007 (google trends). As far as academic (aka “scientific”) credibility is concerned it peaked in 2009 with climategate, not so much for the clearly dubious behaviour of those involved revealed in the emails, but because their behaviour was […]

A complete explanation of the ice-age cycle.

This article is one of a number I’ve been doing developing my ideas on the Ice-age cycle. I will try to summarise the key ideas and explain how they fit. However, with such a complex subject and so many new ideas I cannot cover everything. Instead I will focus on the key ideas and ask […]

Review of possible mechanisms for long-term climate change

Two apparently contradictory headlines caught my attention today: Some types of trees may make climate change worse, not better Forestry practices have negative climate effects, researchers say To which my response was “of course trees cause climate change” – that is to say real climate change (not what the copy-n-paste journalists call “climate change”). So, […]