This year global cooling

With the El Nino about to end, with the 60 year cycle that appears to have given us the 1940s warming, 1970s cooling and the 2000s warming entering the cooling phase, with the low sunspots, and with the almost non-existence of any CO2 warming effect, all the known contributors to global temperature look set for cooling in 2016.
However – unlike the stupid academics who believe they know everything that can be known about the climate so that they know with greater than 95% confidence that the only thing that affects the climate is the very small and insignificant effects like CO2 (in other words the very small bit of nature which they personally think they can comprehend), we sceptics know that we don’t know an awful lot more than we do know. So, there’s a strong possibility , that despite everything we know pointing toward cooling that natural variation may throw the dice and lead to warming.
So, I would estimate the probability of having a predictable trend in global temperature in 2016 is relatively high, at least comparatively, but it’s only perhaps 60:40 or at best 70:30.
However, don’t expect to see this cooling in the fraudulent surface data. And no doubt those producing the satellite data are now under huge pressure to produce warming and likewise those producing records showing growing ice – under huge pressure to show it melting. So, we may only know it is cooling, by the increasing “tetchyness” of those asserting it is warming.

Happy Newyear

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  1. Keith Arnold says:

    And Happy New Year to you all.
    Best regards,

  2. markstoval says:

    The things we don’t know are numerous just as you point out. But of what we do know, it looks like we are in for some real cooling. The following graph is sobering.

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