What Are The Chances Of Getting All These "Record" "Hot" Years?

There’s been some really appalling articles prompted by the idiot Mann who makes a frankly fraudulent claim (if it weren’t for the fact he’s so stupid he doesn’t realise how wrong he is) about the probability of getting a record warm temperature naturally. So, I thought I would try to work it out based on […]

How "killer" rabbits on grass annihilated the dinosaurs

According to the textbooks, the Dinosaurs were killed off by climate change caused by a large meteor that crashed into the gulf of Mexico. Whilst simple and apparently obvious – it fails in several respects: dinosaurs were already dying out before the meteor and some continued after the meteor and therefore if the meteor were […]

The CO2 deserts, geological feedbacks and magma weather

In response to a comment by a Donald L. Klipstein on WUWT: The earth’s climate has not been stable in the past 500 million years. What has happened shows signs that the climate has non-constant stability…. I felt I had to counter the assumption that just because the climate shows variability, that this somehow infers […]

This year global cooling – now even Trenberth agrees with me

When alarmists like Trenberth start the year admitting that not even all the adjustments made to the surface data will be able to mask the cooling this year – then it really must look like cooling in the data! But I’ve already predicted cooling! Usually it’s a mug’s game predicting climate because we sceptics know […]

ZERO yes 0% of respondents thought "severe storms and floods caused by climate change" would "finish humans off".

From the express: Out of those who voted by today, 31 per cent (2,457) said God would be responsible for finishing off mankind. But those thinking it would be severe storms and floods caused by climate change came in at an incredible ZERO per cent. Source This is as good a time as any to […]