Merry Solstice, Happy Christmas and a Great Newyear (for cooling enthusiasts)

This is the last day before the family descend and Christmas starts in earnest. No doubt the evil people in NOAA and NASA who knowingly adjust global temperature to fabricate the warming scam and deny funding to important work that really does help people are rubbing their hands in glee knowing they have already manufactured […]

Backing climate sceptics and real science good for Ted Cruz (10 point lead)

Just seen this news. Ted Cruz is now cruising along at 31% support 10 points ahead of billionaire “bull-in-a-mosque” Trump. This kind of suggests to me, that if you have the courage to support unpopular but important issues like Climate skepticism, that the public will back you. But if you are a foot in mouth […]

COP-out22 Morocco.

After the appalling Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, it’s rather ironic that COP22 next year  is going to be in Morocco. And a very quick google reveals the following ongoing terrorist incidents: 2003 Casablanca bombings 2007 Casablanca bombings 2011 Marrakesh bombing Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group Whilst the EU open borders policy is a disaster, there’s […]

Prof Judith Curry demolishes Global warming scam in a few minutes aided by Ted Cruz &

This was perhaps one of the most important parts of the testimony where Prof Curry puts the whole issue of surface data versus satellite, of bogus adjustments of sparse and non-global stations versus near global satellite measurements. No one in the future is going to believe we used the surface data when we knew it […]

Letter Rep. Lamar Smith Questions Agency’s Revised Climate Data

To the Editor Nytimes: To the Editor: I believe that federal employees at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have altered temperature data to try to refute an 18-year plateau in global temperatures that numerous other scientific studies have reported. A Dec. 4 editorial, “The Latest Attack on Climate Science,” and a Dec. 8 Op-Ed […]