Global Cooling starting in 2016

As we all known the alarmists were jumping up and down for joy at the prospect some global warming caused by the El Nino peek. So I have been interested to know when that peak occurred – and now it has!:
ElNinoSo, what did this “massive warming” effect have on the only credible & nearly global temperature from the satellites? If you look hard and use some imagination, I think the “effect” was that small upswing near the end which didn’t even bring it above the “bulk” of the noise. So really no warming at all!

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Source source

And if you compare it with the 1998 El Nino they are like Chalk and cheese. This suggests this recent El Nino was very different. One possible explanation, is that the El Nino did have a profound warming effect – it’s just that we have already entered a period of cooling and that try as it might the El Nino could hardly offset the cooling.
As such, as we seem to be past the peak, within two years rather than “no warming for 18 years”,we may well be saying “the coldest global temperature in 20 years”. (But no doubt by then NASA and NOAA’s fabrications will show the planet is already being boiled like a cabbage).
But, I think it may be much worse than that. If we look below, NOAA got the ENSO prediction massive wrong. Almost everyone was predicting more warming (how familiar). But if I take the recent failure to predict the El Nino trend, and then this trend as well as assuming that NOAA continue being as wrong as they started, I’ve project it forward along the red line.
MidNovpredictionAnd now, just as rising index for El Nino was (supposedly) linked to warming, now the declining El Nino index suggests that pronounced cooling is likely to occur. Not by end of 2016 as NOAA suggest but as early as April 2017. In other words, there is a reasonable chance that April-June will start seeing headlines with a string of “coldest temperatures in >20 years” – or indeed “End of Global warming”!

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