FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD – When will the police investigate these climate frauds?

Yet again, I wake up today to see another article “Massive Tampering With South African Temperatures“. And to put this in context, people are already in Jail for the UK LIBOR rate fixing scam. And as far as I can see, not only is this scam more widespread, but it’s been going on for much longer – so why is no one in jail?
Showing an original temperature doing this:
Has been turned into this:
So, this appears to be blatant fraud. And from the article: “Massive Tampering With South African Temperatures” it appears most if not all South African temperatures have been fraudulently changed this way. And these reports highlighting fraud in climate records are coming in regularly. Here’s just a selection of the latest articles:

But please note: these are only the frauds which show up using publicly available evidence. There is little doubt that if such fraud is being committed openly, then far more will be hidden where it cannot be seen. Climate is corrupt and it’s sickening that governments actively condone these criminals. Worse, now that governments are standing in line to receive money, there is no doubt that many will be “improving” their temperature stations to ensure their country is shown warming.
And it is clearly fraud, because none of this warming is appearing in the Satellites.

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6 Responses to FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD – When will the police investigate these climate frauds?

  1. rms says:

    This fraud is analogous to Volkswagen software to change effect of emissions during testing. Can see where that’s worked out for them in share price, market share, and perhaps legal issues ongoing.

  2. TinyCO2 says:

    It’s more like Kids Co or Savile. The perceived goodness of the causes make a lot of people blind to the realities. Even once the evidence starts to roll in, those who supported it are eager to lie to themselves and others to preserve the myth.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      I’m getting a feeling for what it must have been like knowing someone who worked in the death camps in Germany. They were probably really nice guys – upstanding members of the community – whose job was to murder people.
      And it’s the same with NASA and NOAA – no doubt they are “nice guys” … it’s just that their job is to falsify the global temperature record and destroy the western economy … but they are ever so nice about it. And no doubt, it will not be until they are languishing in jail for many decades that they will finally realise they were doing something wrong.

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