Lamar: Here comes #NOAAgate

In the Washington times there is another article on NOAAgate. What is important is not what the title suggests: Congressman now threatens to subpoena commerce secretary over global warming report instead it’s this first paragraph:

saying a groundbreaking global warming study was “rushed to publication” over the objections of numerous scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration … Smith says whistleblowers have come forward with new information on the climate study’s path to publication in June …. Whistleblowers have told the committee, according to Smith’s letter, that Thomas Karl — the director of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, which led the study — “rushed” to publish the climate study “before all appropriate reviews of the underlying science and new methodologies” used in the climate data sets were conducted.

OK, I can now say, I already knew pretty well, that Lamar had been contacted (I didn’t want to suggest it because I assumed he was going to ambush them at the investigation). So, what appears to have happened is that NOAA now know that Lamar knows they are lying.
But this clearly shows that Lamar was not on a fishing trip trying to find evidence, he already had evidence and thus it would seem to me that those refusing the subpoena did so for illegal reasons and are no open to prosecution.
(Hence the time preparing the #NOAAgate hashtag ready for the scandal to break)

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