Independent removes notorious: Children Won’t know what snow is – article

There can be few things as vile as using children to push your politics. And that is what Dr Viner did when he chose to insinuate to parents of young children that their actions would be denying children the same childhood memories they had of snow.

And to rub it in … it snowed today (just)!

I will admit, as a parent of a young child, seeing their first Christmases, I saw the article and I really did believe – what is now unequivocally, the biggest load of lying crap. He told a blatant lie, intending to play on the natural feeling of parents toward their children, in order to sell his vile and now proven false political views about climate. Views that have seen some 1 million extra winter deaths in the UK since this scam started go almost unreported by the media, whilst they go on endless about the “harm” of CO2 the plant food.

And do academic’s like Viner care one damn about all that 1 million who die from cold related deaths? Apparently not!

So, don’t think you’ll get away with this Dr Viner or your co-conspirators in the Independent. Here is their vile extremist abuse of children & decent society preserved for all time**:

**(well another few decades at least)

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  1. mickgreenhough says:

    see 2012 – 015 The Great Global Warming Fraud invented by the Club of Rome.

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