Exxon: Oh Mann oh Mann

Michael Mann is an idiot. His Hockeystick might have started as an error in the code, but his failure to come clean and then his stupid self-proclaimed “Nobel prize”** and other lies means he has become a laughing stock.

Exxon, like every other oil company has gained hugely from the global warming scam, as idiotic energy policies pushed up the price of energy and oil (a huge boon) and opened up new “wind” sectors which all the big oil companies are dabbling in. So in one way or another they always profit – after all, what do they care how they make their money?

And as for funding Sceptics – it’s a complete lie. Because when I was Chairman of the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum, I wrote to each and everyone of the BIG OIL companies asking for help in the form of a donation. Only one replied and that was to say no in the a very short email. There was not the slightest interest at all in funding sceptics whatsoever – not on your nelly – not one penny. So, I know personally that they have no interest whatsoever in sceptics or helping our cause.

Indeed, given their disinterest in funding sceptics, and the profits they make from this global warming scam, I have to admit it has crossed my mind many times that that Exxon themselves (or a competitor) dreamed up this scheme to help “slur” us sceptics (and Exxon?), in the hope of keeping this global warming gravy train going for all those with their snouts in the trough from BIG OIL to Mann. It’s all profit to these oil companies and if anyone ought to know how devious they are it’s the greens – but they are SO GULLIBLE!

However, there’s a grubby little article someone’s written and Mann’s always good for a laugh, so if you want to read the vile rantings and fast irrelevant garbage here it is:


**Just to show you what a prat Mann is, let me explain why if he’s a “Nobel Prize Winner” then I and everyone else is also a winner of the same “Nobel prize”. First, he is not a member of the IPCC nor employed by it. So in no way can he claim to have got the Nobel Prize. That’s because the members of the IPCC are world governments.

However, there is a comical argument that can be used and it goes like this: because he’s part of the US (who got the prize), this means that everyone in the US also got the same award. But ironically, that argument (if true) would mean I’ve got two Nobels,  because the EU got another Nobel award for “peace”.

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