News from the front line: Climate Extremist are livid with NOAA-gate

This is a quick report re NOAA-gate. After posting the scandal online on a few forums I was inundated with extremely annoyed climate extremists trying to use every trick in the book to attack me. But it failed for very simple reasons:

  • I wasn’t the one caught upjusting global temperatures
  • I wasn’t the one denying legally sanctioned oversight by the committee whose duty it is to carry out oversight.
  • So, I wasn’t the one now acting illegally
  • And I wasn’t the one whose reputation and credibility is now in the gutter

Basically the argument goes like this:

NOAA have refused to defend their warming adjustments to global temperature to the Congressional committee charged with oversight. As such it now appears that the reason the “human adjusted” global temperatures show warming is because of that global warming. And now as there’s no smoke without fire, the whole work of NOAA is suspect. That means that NOAA, and ALL it’s work, and ALL who work for it are now suspect unless or until it submits to the duly sanctioned and legal scrutiny of the committee duty body to carry out that oversight.

For example one climate extremist got so annoyed, that by the time I went out there were around a couple dozen of his posts that he wanted me to answer.

LIVID!! That’s what they were. This NOAA-gate looks like dynamite as it really gets up the noses of the extremists!

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5 Responses to News from the front line: Climate Extremist are livid with NOAA-gate

  1. roaldjlarsen says:

    Those who got nothing to hide, hide nothing!

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      What annoys them so so much is they know we are right. They know we are right to say they are fabricating the data – because these Climate Extremists are more than ready to say far worse on no evidence at all when it comes to those they dislike.

      • roaldjlarsen says:

        I know .. I still find it hard to believe they actually did alter and fabricated data. Somebody need to go to jail!

        • Scottish-Sceptic says:

          It’s really a form of group think. They “know” it should be warming. They all “know” that any station of method that doesn’t show warming is an “anomaly” and therefore “legitimately “discarded. As the “consensus” figure gets a higher and higher trend they then find more and more cooling stations or methods which are “anomalies” and clearly have to be removed.

          And given their conspiracy ideation, they probably even subconsciously see some stations as being “Exxon funded” – I (only half jokingly) bet they even check to see whether there’s evidence of drips of oil around the stations.

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