Ted Cruz for President? (Could he move to Scotland?)

My normal attitude to politicians is “a curse on all their parties” and there’s few I can honestly say I voted for rather than voting against the person they’re standing for, but from what I’ve seen of Ted Cruz, he comes across as intelligent, articulate, focussed on the important issues & best of all he […]

News from the front line: Climate Extremist are livid with NOAA-gate

This is a quick report re NOAA-gate. After posting the scandal online on a few forums I was inundated with extremely annoyed climate extremists trying to use every trick in the book to attack me. But it failed for very simple reasons: I wasn’t the one caught upjusting global temperatures I wasn’t the one denying […]

If Global had been the World's biggest problem – why hide documents?

One thing I could never understand from the #ClimateExtremists, was how they could say “it’s the world’s greatest problem” in one breath and in the next “we can’t release that because we can’t get permission”. Surely, if it really were the world’s greatest problem, then a simple problem like obtaining permission to release data or […]

Congressman accuses Obama and NOAA of climate extremism

There’s “No ambiguity there” says an article in “Scientific Method“,”[Congressman] Smith is clearly suggesting that the NOAA is manipulating its results to further an external agenda.” The full statement, which Rep. Smith’s office provided to Ars, reads as follows: It was inconvenient for this administration that climate data has clearly showed no warming for the […]

Who runs the US? NOAA versus science, democracy & the US congress

You’ve got to hand it these guys at NOAA – they don’t do arrogance in a small way. What was once a question of science and asking NOAA to justify their methods that create warming out of nothing, just got a whole lot bigger as they challenged the right of congressional oversight of US democracy. […]

What's changed about global warming news coverage – nothing – that's what's changed!

I was looking through “global warming” news today and trying to spot anything worth reading. There was nothing worth reading, and the the articles worth even commenting on were not accepting comments. But as I scanned the list and tried to work out why it had all got so boring, I saw that something had […]

Global warming and the US presidential race

Looking at the “global warming” headlines today, it is very obvious that the global warming scam has now become so entwined in the US presidential race that the Republicans must know they will win this issue (here’s just a typical selection): Global Warming Leftists Seek to Criminalize Criticism Donald Trump Still Does Not Understand How […]