VW owners: "Zu WILL make the fuel consumption, performance and engine life Vorse".

I was reading today that for the sake an emissions target that was so worthless that no one bothered to check it … VW owners are going to be asked to take their cars to some garage to have them change it so that it uses more fuel, it’s performance is worse, and likely the […]

Global 2nd place news in last 9 hours: "Global warming class scheduled at DSLCC Rockbridge Center on Oct. 16"

According to a paper I’ve never heard of called the “Roanoke Times” which I assume is published in the US: Dabney S. Lancaster Community College is hosting a lecture/conference series on “Global Climate Change” this fall with instructor Donald Henke, former instructor in government and international politics at Piedmont Virginia Community College. (link) And the […]

MASSIVE GLOBAL COOLING process discovered "could explain the recent disagreements" between models and reality.

According to recent a recent announcement: Atmospheric chemists from France and Germany, however, can now show that isoprene can also be formed without biological sources in the surface film of the oceans by sunlight and so explain the large discrepancy between field measurements and models. The new identified photochemical reaction is therefore important to improve […]

Jennifer Marohasy: Temperature Adjustments and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

I’m noticing a growing anger and frankly bewilderment as to how they continue to get away with so obviously breaking the law. More and more people not only accept it is happening but are quite prepared to openly talk about the criminal behaviour of the “troughers”. It surely must rank amongst one of the most […]