The Sceptic dictionary

I’ve started a simple sceptic dictionary and would welcome suggestions for climatic terms to include and/or other improvements.

The reason this is necessary is that any sceptic knows that the stuff written on Wikipedia about climate is dishonest and not worth reading. As such many people including me have attempted to create an honest climate wiki. However, the problem we face is that many of the people editing wikipedia are writing the articles and then “buddy reviewing” the journals so not only is wikipedia corrupt but so is the general academic literature.

So whilst I would love a project like ClimateWiki to succeed, I’ve decided to try getting something very simple off the ground and so have chosen to focus on producing a sceptic dictionary:

I’ve kicked off with a few common terms I use. But I expect to add a few more including but not exclusively:

  • ECS
  • AGW
  • CAGW
  • Positive Feedback
  • Forcing
  • Global temperature
  • greenhouse gas
  • Greenspin
  • greenhouse effect
  • Adiabatic warming
  • Skydragon
  • Climate change
  • Global cooling
  • Global cooling scare
  • Milankovitch cycle
  • Ice-age cycle
  • NOAA
  • Natural variation
  • hind cast
  • Water Vapor
  • Climate/weather
  • models
  • GW (global warming)
  • Scientific method
  • straw man arguments
  • Ad hominen
  • Argument from authority
  • Real science/ “science”
  • confidence (as in 95% confidence)
  • ET AL
  • ENSO, El Nino, Sothern Oscillaiton, PDO, NAO, etc,
  • SAT ( surface air temperature taken over land ) and SST ( ocean temperatures taken just beneath the surface)


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