More wheels falling off: UK plans to get rid of “gullibles” investment bank

I can’t turn around these days without finding more bad news for the alarmists. This time, the UK government are ditching the so called “Green investment bank” which was another way to pump public money into the pockets of carbon sharks.

This sums it up:

critics have called plans for a sale “reckless”, and said that the move calls into question the government’s commitment to a low carbon economy. (link)

This is all part of the same common sense dismantling of the CO2 scam. Hopefully some gullible-green idiots like the Guardian will put all their money into the bank. That way when it goes belly up they will lose the lot, they will no longer have the massive AUTOMOBILE funded nest egg that allows them live in a cloud cuckoo land. Instead they will have to start writing what the public want to read rather than what they want the public to believe.

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2 Responses to More wheels falling off: UK plans to get rid of “gullibles” investment bank

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    Perhaps we should call for the Guardian to do that. Put their money wheretheir mouths are.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      The thing is that these believers will actually put their money (most of it go from public sources admittedly) into this daft scheme. It could be the equivalent of the Darien scheme for Scotland – a final decisive financial bubble that sucks in so much money and meets with such financial disaster that it single handedly brings the whole scam down.

      And what I enjoy most is knowing that merely by us sceptics telling the truth and how they shouldn’t put their money in it – the gullibles will put their money in it.

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