Threat of court action must bring this scam crashing down!

Most public scares tend to come to public attention amid a mass of publicity but die in obscurity. And this is how politicians like their scares, they like to take the credit of ordering anti-viral drugs when there’s a flu epidemic, they like to take the credit of a massive publicity program for the “millennium bug”, but they do not ever want to have any scrutiny after the event when the public would find out that none of their action was necessary (but to be fair, the public are as much to blame but the politicians who take the credit should also take the blame).

But global warming is different.

The politicians gullibly passed laws to force themselves to act on this scare. Now as the scare falls apart and the politicians know the public will not stomach the massive cost of these harmful policies, those making money from these policies will not let it die quietly:
Dutch government ordered to cut carbon emissions in landmark ruling
This is really really good news for sceptics like. Because if this scam had been allowed to die a natural death, we sceptics could have been sitting around for as much as a decade without government ever admitting we were right whilst we kept paying money to the wind scamsters.

But, apparently they are just too greedy for their own good.

Instead of just letting this scam die its natural death – they want to bring to a head with legal action. BRING IT ON!!  This now means governments rather than being “passive sceptics” gently easing themselves out of their stupid commitments to commit economic suicide, will now have no choice but to join us and become “active sceptics”.
And unless we suddenly see a “road to Damascus” conversion by the environmentalists academics who run climate “science”, the only way for them to stop their economically suicidal policies and electoral suicide, is to pass the blame to someone else and start criminal prosecutions against those who created the scam.

They were just too greedy!

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4 Responses to Threat of court action must bring this scam crashing down!

  1. Judges like most other people will do quite a lot for a substantial sum of money.
    I’m sorry, but I won’t be surprised to see this thing get pushed through the Dutch courts.

  2. TinyCO2 says:

    “The Dutch government can appeal to a higher court and it is not clear yet how the ruling will be enforced.”
    John, the judges did push it through but Scottish Sceptic is right, this is good news. Presently we have governments affably piddling money on their pet projects, agreeing to all sorts of impossible targets. This case will be a bit of a slap in the face. They were sort of counting on the targets being a bit pie in the sky to show willing. They probably expected to slip the deadline while nobody was looking, especially as few other parts of the world are interested.
    However this puts them on the spot and they need to rethink their blind support of CAGW. Perhaps they will start to wonder if they shouldn’t be funding a bit of counter science they could have/will use in any more court cases.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Personally this is great. The way it was going, we sceptics were going to have to keep our eye on the ball right the way to the bitter end.
      Yes, the evidence is now coming in against the scam, but if it took 18 years of pause to get here, with next to no funding for us sceptics to deliver the fatal blow, we rely on climate data and that takes time. So, the alarmists might have been able to keep this scam from dying completely for another 18 years.
      Another 18 years!
      But by forcing governments to decide: alarmist or sceptic (massive public dissatisfaction or a few green votes), these court actions will force government to become sceptics and then we will be very much back seat observers to the swift and wholesale annihilation of this scam.
      And now the pathetic funding of us sceptics will really make a difference. Because in terms of normal government funding, even a pittance supporting scepticism will massively increase our public presence and if we have achieved so much with so little – just imagine what could be achieved with even modest government funding supporting us.

      • John Smith says:

        I just read your comments on BH
        I also think the end has to be near
        and feel a bit giddy myself
        Jeez, How much more ridiculous can the left get?
        I have a bit of trouble understanding UK and EU politics
        but over here the lunatics are gearing up for full tilt cultural cleansing
        I don’t believe the public is gonna stand for it
        I hope at least

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