When will the Guardian go bankrupt?

Tony Heller at RealScience has another good article: Today’s Featured Climate Criminals – The Guardian. Reading the comment by Gail Combs: “Of course they are also losing paying customers by the droves” backed up with this link:  Guardian CEO: my newspaper can’t survive in the UK (Ain’t Karma wonderful.)“, I wondered when we would finally see the demise of this insufferable paper.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem anywhere near soon enough  – and guess why!!!  they made huge amounts of money from their automobile business!!

Talk of hypocrisy! They are telling other people to divest from “fossil fuels”. But that’s easy to say when you are living off the back of fossil fuel earnings as they are. If they had any integrity they would donate every single penny they made from Autotrader to the poor in the third world who suffered from their non-science such as those who suffered from rising food prices during the bio-fuel scam.

But it appears the Guardian are devoid of morals. Here is the piece from the former Guardian sportswriter explaining why the Guardian can keep pushing the evils of car use for so long … because of their automobile business:

When will the Guardian go bankrupt?

John Duncan, former Guardian sportswriter, and former managing editor of the Observer
(12 Nov 2014 – so that suggests after  2024 – although finance isn’t the strongest point of any Guardian journalist even if they have left the paper, so it might be a lot earlier!)


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  1. TinyCO2 says:

    It has just persuaded the GMG to disinvest in fossil fuels. Wonder what effect that might have.
    The long term question is will HuffPo beat it into obscurity? It’s still a favourite with the aging BBC and academics but I suspect the American pretender appeals more because although it’s as preachy it has the gossip and celebrity side that kids love these days.The Guardian is old. The HuffPo also uses a lot more freelance and even free content. Ironically it’s more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t ship it’s reporters hither and yon. As far as I could tell, there were no HuffPo journalists on the Spirit of Mawson but could have got as good a report from it by getting any of the other trippers to write or talk about it and supply photos.
    The Guardian lost a lot of US support over the Snowdon leaks. I suspect it will struggle to regain relevance. I sometimes wonder to what extent sceptics are keeping it up in the internet charts. Perhaps we ought to run a sceptic campaign to stop visiting it and commenting there for a month to see if it makes a difference. #guardianfreeaugust

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Fundamentally all journalists would rather write what they want to write and not what the reader wants to read. Most journalists are forced to provide what the readers want by economic reality, but because the Guardian is not dependent on getting readers it has developed a culture (like the BBC) of f*ck what the public wants, we are going to print what we want.
      Usually that means they will indulge in ever more grandiose schemes getting more and more used to spending huge amounts of money with no income and heading faster and faster to bankruptcy – so that sooner or later like the old public companies – they become so antagonistic to their readers/customers that they are incapable of supplying anything anyone wants and so they are only fit for closing.

  2. James Sykes says:

    I understood, that they rely heavily on public sector advertsing, of non jobs ,that only Guardian Readers can do. Hopefully that lucrative stream is drying up, we live in hope. Perhaps they could merge with the BBC,two,cheeks of the same arse,anyway.

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