We live in luxury that even kings a few centuries ago could only dream of.

As a result of the industrial revolution – to which I’m proud to say a lot of Scots contributed. The world is now living in luxury, we are healthier, better educated and safer than at any time in history. Our rivers and clean, the clean air acts have cleaned up the air. You only have to look at the filth and squalor in which previous generations lived to know that most people in the past would have given anything to be born now.
OK, there’s still a lot of people living in squalor, but there’s been a noticeable improvement so that whereas the images of the “third world” used to be filled with people without clothes or any other modern convenience, now they all seem to carry mobile phones.
Only in a sick delusional mind, could anyone describe the present time as a “pile of filth” – but that is what the headlines are now reporting the Pope as saying. That flies in the face of history, reason and more or less redefines the best of all possible times as some stinking hell-hole.
And that is the fundamental tactic of the eco-fascist. To take something good like the essential plant food CO2 without which there would be no life on earth and try to make people believe it is poison. To take a world of abundant clean healthy food produced by fossil fuel powered farm equipment, fossil fuel derived fertilisers, sent around the world in fossil fuel powered transport and then to make people believe that fossil fuel – the one thing that created the fantastic modern world we live in – is some how evil.
That is the tactics of ISIS. To make people believe that the best of times, is the worst of times, to make people hate the society, technology and culture that has given us so much much good, and make people want the utter filth depravity and backwardness of those like ISIS.
In short we should all be proud of the modern world and thank our forefathers (and mothers) for giving us this fantastic world that does give most of us our daily bread.

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  1. Roy Hartwell says:

    Your comparison of the Eco-fascists with ISIS hit the nail on the head !! Both are involved in a ‘religious’ war to take us all back to a time of disease, starvation and total deprivation…….with them as the rulers over us in their palaces.
    The truth MUST hit the world soon !!

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Most of us go through a phase of questioning and then rejecting the values of our parents and in that process we often end up attacking those who have done most for us.
      The problem with eco-fascists, is that they never grew up beyond that phase.

    • As grounds for optimism, the “I” published a letter critical of wind-generator economics on Friday. It did give about 2 pages to the papal junk and to SNP grumbles about reducing the subsidies given to wind, but this is their first sign of doubt!

  2. nigelf says:

    The poisonous progressives inhabit a world where every day and every thing is opposite-land.

  3. catweazle666 says:


  4. TruthTeller says:

    Ummm… I don’t know how to tell you this, Mr. Pope., but I’ve seen your house. You’re doing pretty well for yourself. That castle YOU live in is no pile of filth. There’s enough gold sewed onto your costume to feed a bunch of the poor people you’re so worried about.
    Why is it that all the people telling us that we need to cut back are flying around in private jets?

  5. TinyCO2 says:

    It’s a sad reflection on society that it endlessly gripes about what is missing rather than celebrates what it has achieved. The Pope is just one of a crowd of professional whingers.

  6. deanfromohio says:

    “Pile of filth” is not a very grateful remark about Rome!

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  8. JoAnneT23 says:

    The pope is “delusional” and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. Based on his past, his photos and his histrionic behavior, I concluded quite a while ago that he must suffer from a mood disorder or personality disorder, with bouts of depression and mania being the most apparent features to outsiders, and that mental health issue accounts partly for his ridiculously ill-judged and inaccurate statements on many topics.

  9. Tom Collins says:

    The Haves telling the Have-Nots, how to live. Come down from your ivory tower and join the real world.

  10. sidefxny says:

    Wonderful and astute commentary that applies not just to the Pope of Rome but also to all the climate change fanatics that he seems to be playing with. Just like his brother in the White House, the Pope seems to have as his goal the destruction of Western Civilization, especially the USA. It was cheap fossil fuel combined with free market capitalism that have brought more people out of poverty and misery than ever before in world history. The Pope has no authority to speak on these matters- render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.

  11. Geppetto says:

    The really greedy zealots in the world long ago discovered that the road to immense personal wealth and profit, to those without conscience, is to create a state of fear, an end of “world as we know it” scenario based on the esoteric nature of science and the ease of data generation and manipulation. The demonstrable success of this tactic with regard to the war on fossil fuels is dramatically evident in the persons of the President of the U.S., the Pope and millions of concerned citizens around the world who have bought the bogus narrative hook, line and sinker and who condemn, without any objective examination or analysis, any and everyone who dare to express even a smidgen of doubt.
    Revealing reportage concerning manipulation and suppression of data and bogus, agenda driven science is lampooned and described as the fanatical, desperate efforts of “Deniers” and “Flat Earthers” allegedly supported by enormous cash infusions from wealthy moguls in the fossil fuel industry. The looming Climate Change (there’s an all encompassing catch phrase for you) disaster is supported by the now proverbial 97% of the scientific community; “the debate is over” so keep your blasphemous mouth shut.
    Given their way they will reap billions from the useless, ineffective, draconian regulations it is their intention to force down the throats of Americans while the rest of the developing world will continue to burn coal, oil and natural gas as they see fit. This is the modern American environmental movement that claims it wants to make an example of America and save the world. Talk about narcissistic hubris? No. Talk about a greedy, corrupt, self serving, contemptible, lying bunch of criminal con artists with impressive credentials.

    • Carbon Bigfoot says:

      I believe every thing you said accept the last—we the skeptics have the outstanding credentials.

  12. rwoollaston says:

    A great read on this general subject is “The Rational Optimist” by Matt Ridley.

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  14. Thanks, Mike Haseler. I think you got it right.
    Not that this is difficult, but it sure requires moral fortitude.

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  16. Steve Case says:

    “To make people believe that the best of times, is the worst of times, to make people hate the society, technology and culture that has given us so much much good, and make people want the utter filth depravity and backwardness of those like ISIS.”
    To make people believe a warmer greener world would be a catastrophic disaster.

  17. M E says:

    I agree,i(f I’m allowed to comment.) If the Pope said what he is reported to have said we must remember he came from Argentina and filthy slums will be found there I expect. The green tinged waffle will please the President of the U. S who can be more willing to countenance the Papal Visit on September 23. and the strictures against large economies will have no influence at all on the Indian Subcontinent or in China where most of the population have never heard of the Papacy.
    If I’m not allowed to comment just forget it:-)

  18. johnmarshall says:

    I feel sorry for the catholics, they cannot get anything correct. First it was Galelao teaching Copernicus was correct, the Sun being the center of our solar system, now we know that the sun is actually not at the center of anything and not even a special type of sun. So the Catholics choose another failed journey to oblivion.

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