Global warming: the opium of the people

A rather sad thought has crossed my mind today.

Just as Karl Marx said “Religion is the opium of the people” – intending to suggest religion is used to keep the population quiet, so global warming may have been encouraged to keep the environmentalists busy on a campaign which was so far into the future that politicians could endlessly talk about action without ever having to do anything.

Think of it this way – it all started under Margaret Thatcher’s government – a government plagued by left-wing issues line anti-nuclear. So what better way to pre-occupy those who get involved in those kinds of thing? Almost everyone involved in this debate will be dead before anyone is forced to do anything. So we can talk endlessly about what needs to be done – but no one actually has to do anything.

And it’s sad – because when I think about it, the left-wing “fascist” brigade have largely been kept pre-occupied on global warming; we’ve little of the kind of strife we saw during the miners strike. Which if true -rather suggests the scam was good for society – but worse, it also means that rather than the end of global warming being a good thing – it may actually herald a new era of political strife as those “agent provocateur” who used to be occupied on global warming start to find other issues to agitate on.

… which is why I love blogging knowing that few people read my posts. Because I couldn’t say this on WUWT – because either it’s wrong and so rubbish – or it’s true and it would be best not to let on.

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One Response to Global warming: the opium of the people

  1. wolsten says:

    Mike, interesting theory though I suspect cock-up rather than conspiracy. Averting a global warming catastrophe is something many people desperately wanted to get behind, to assuage their consumerist guilt and demonstrate they care about the earth “it’s our children you know!”. In a more secular age, something had to fill the vacuum and CAGW has turned out to be the most incredible meme since witch-hunting. I marvel at how flexible it is as a concept for all to hitch their wagons to. The left thrive on it despite the obvious impacts on the poorest in society. The capitalists make shed loads of money developing renewable subsidy and carbon trading schemes. It is an idea that transcends left-right politics and so we have only the mavericks of UKIP to really stand up against this nonsense. That’s how bad things are. This will take a long time to unwind but like any Ponzi scheme it inevitably will.

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