Evidence global air pressure changes (and causes mass extinctions)

I’ve been looking to find any evidence that might suggest global pressure has changed as suggested by the hypothesis that the end of the ice-age is caused by around a 30% increase in global air pressure (equivalent to an increase in altitude of 3200m) (overview,  calculations). My first thought was that because birds rely on […]

Evidence global air pressure varies? – Is this a wheel falling off the caterpillar?

The main prediction from the caterpillar theory of plate tectonics is that we should see changes in volcanic emissions resulting in changes to the atmosphere such as increasing CO2 & pressure. The Caterpillar theory is that thermal expansion during the ice-age leads to one plate of the crust being pushed under another. It then cools […]

More wheels falling off: UK plans to get rid of "gullibles" investment bank

I can’t turn around these days without finding more bad news for the alarmists. This time, the UK government are ditching the so called “Green investment bank” which was another way to pump public money into the pockets of carbon sharks. This sums it up: critics have called plans for a sale “reckless”, and said […]

Calculation of pressure change need to induce ice-age cycle

In my previous post I suggested that the addition of gases to the atmosphere from volcanic activity could have increased the atmospheric pressure and that would have changed  global temperature giving us the current warm interglacial. Today I thought it was worth putting some figures on that (thanks to Will Janoschka for the question that […]