English government plan to ditch hated "Renewable Obligation".

The English government in Westminster, is reported in the Telegraph as planning to scrap the hated “Renewable Obligation” as early as this week. This will leave the Scottish government (who were given the power to increase consumer bills through devolution) out on a limb as it continues to push for ever higher consumer bills to […]

Are ordinary people smarter than the intellectuals?

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomena online which is that overwhelmingly, if its a letter or a small blog or just a comment on a pretty mundane country snoose-paper, the sentiment has moved overwhelmingly toward sceptical. But if its a Royal Society of “science”, the Biased Broadcasting Company or a lot of groups who consider themselves […]

Why "Global warming" deserves listed status as a historic monument

For anyone that ever tried to edit Wikipedia, just like anyone who had to live in a 1960s concrete tower block, the idea that something so appalling might need protecting will likely seem crazy. But the problem with destroying the past – even if it’s a totally abhorent symbol of the past whether slum housing […]

Der SS Guardian des Furhrer is nicht geplunk.

There’s still nothing worth reporting on Global Warming – but that doesn’t stop Der SS Guardian manufacturing yet another proclamation from des Climate Fuhrer stuck in their bunker at Der Guardian. For some time the Guardian have been alone in the world with their climate fanaticism. Yes a few other papers occasionally go through the […]