Wind is a net consumer of energy.

According to the principle of enerconics, the price of a commodity is a good proxy for energy used in securing that commodity. ( To illustrate this, let’s imagine a perfect electricity power store which costs nothing to build and can collect energy from the grid and supply it back at no cost. We charge the […]

Drowning: Why do experts reject evidence which they cannot explain?

Around 400 people drown each year in the UK, so one might assume that there is a CONSENSUS about how people should treat people who have drowned. And that CONSENSUS is that “an abdominal thrust should be performed only after ventilation has been shown to be ineffective and then only to remove a solid foreign […]

Submission to Scottish Government: It's all bullshit

Doug Brodie send an email “Dear campaigner/blogger, Scottish EET Security of Supply Inquiry The Scottish government’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee recently set up a Security of Supply Inquiry, inviting submissions. …” Unfortunately I was busy but a few hours before the deadline I did manage to pen a very quick submission in about an […]

"Global warming" beaten by "climate change"

A remarkable event has occurred. “Global warming” the blue eyed boy of the politically correct and environmentalists has fallen down the ranking and behind the more scientific and impartial: “climate change”. Above is a plot of the relative number of google searches for “Global warming” (blue) and “Climate change” (red). Global warming is one of […]

The silent holocaust of 1million climate victims in the UK

On 23rd June 1988, James Hansen went before the Senate having allegedly** “went in the night before and opened all the windows, … So that the air conditioning wasn’t working inside the room [and] it was really hot.” Hansen then stated falsely that he was 99% certain that the recent temperature rise was caused by […]