Hansen was part of the Global cooling consensus

I’ve been dealing with another one of those vile internet bullies who keep trying to write the global cooling scare out of history.

What really shows their low IQ, is that Hansen wasn’t saying anything different from what most intelligent people would still readily accept today: “we are heading toward another ice-age some time”. The only difference is that we had a cooling period in the 1970s and it was suggested this could be the beginning. I understand that was the original reason for forming the IPCC – so the IPCC stems out of this global cooling scare.

OK, it was “sexed up” by broadcasters like the BBC. We don’t have the evidence to show how much Hansen himself did to promote this scare, but we do know his colleagues did their part and without evidence to the contrary it is reasonable to conclude that Hansen supported them.

There was a global cooling scare and that’s a fact

Even the first paper to mention “global warming” by Broecker in 1997 was trying to explain the lack of cooling that had been predicted as a result of finding apparent cycles in the Camp Century Ice Core. Broecker suggested that CO2 “global warming” was the reason the predicted global cooling had not occurred. It is really that cut and dried.

Back to this alarmist bully. What they most disliked is that I said people like Hansen believed in global cooling.

For a real scientist, that wouldn’t be a problem. After 40 years of new data real scientists are allowed to change their view – indeed it is the mark of a real scientist that they do change their view when new data comes in.

So, only the greenblob fanatic would worry if Hansen changed his mind. The simple fact is almost everyone did accept that global cooling was likely sooner or later and so it’s patently ridiculous to suggest Hansen was in the very small minority who didn’t.

However, the real reason I’m posting this, is that whilst they are a dying breed, like all lost causes the last few people are the real fanatics. So just to make sure that if I ever meet another one of these fanatical bullies I want to have the evidence to hand. So I’m posting this newspaper clipping I found that clearly shows Hansen put his name to an article predicting global cooling.

Note that there’s not the slightest hint he objected to this inclusion of his name supporting the assertion made presumably by his boss. There’s no hint of a contrary view and I’ve no doubt there’s no letter from Hansen objecting to his name supporting this global cooling assertion.

So, unless or until someone supplies evidence from that time showing he disagreed, it is true that Hansen did support this global cooling.

For heaven’s sake – after watching the programs – as a school kid we all talked about how it would happen at school,
… so arguably even I was part of this global cooling consensus.


U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming

By Victor Cohn Washington Post Staff Writer

Jul 9, 1971

The world could be as little as 50 or 60 years away from a disasterous new ice age a leading atmospheric scientist predicts.

Dr S.I.Rasool of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Columbia University says that:

[not yet done]

They also had available a computer program developed by Dr.James Hansen there to study the optical properties of the clouds of Venus. They applied the same program to make what Rasool called the first sophisticated calculations of fuel dust’s sunlight-scattering properties.

They found no need to worry about the carbon dioxide fuel-burning puts in the atmosphere. The fuel particles they do worry about are sulphates, nitrates and hydrocarbns, with the largest single source sulfur dioxide converted to sulfates.

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2 Responses to Hansen was part of the Global cooling consensus

  1. Bill DeMott says:

    Hansen never predicted global cooling. The Rasool and Schneider paper in the early 70s over estimated the effect of aerosols and the possibility for continued aerosol pollution. This is why Schneider published a correction in 1974 that climate warming was the real issue.. The Broecker paper published in in 1975 had this title: Climate change: Are we on brink of pronounced global warming? According to Broecher, the answer was “yes”

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Hansen was part of the global cooling consensus. To say otherwise is a blatant distortion of history.

      That doesn’t necessarily mean he actually believed in it – but that would mean he actively helped with scares that he knew to be untrue – which makes him even more a shitbag.

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