Scientists: Join Prof Kelly or get booed off the lectern.

Any sceptic who knows any academics will know some who are sceptical of catastrophic or “doomsday” warming who are afraid to speak out. So hopefully they will all begin speaking out when someone as prominent of Prof Kelly of the Royal Society speaks out against that same society and says they are wrong.
There is a simple rule in science and that is theories are tested by weather 🙂 … whether they predict the evidence and whether the theories work. Therefore it is the cardinal rule in real science that no evidence or indeed contrary views are repressed.
However, western science has been living through a dark age of repression. Because for decades science has been decided not by whether the theories work, not by whether the climate behaves as predicted, but whether the theories are politically correct.
Even at this moment President Obama is conducting a hate campaign against ordinary decent American scientists who dare to speak up … not for anything political, violent … but simply for daring to say the evidence & science does not support the political belief in catastrophic global warming.
Those who were there will remember that in a similar way Tony Blair told us in Britain that the evidence was “unequivocal” that Iraq president Sadam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Unlike the US where many factors were taken into account, in the UK it was on this basis alone that Blair demanded that the British parliament went to war. It turned out that claim was a totally bogus lie. It turned out the “unequivocal evidence” was nothing of the sort. Any evidence there was was “sexed up” and it is widely believed by many people in the UK that much of the evidence itself was fabricated solely to delude the British public and parliament.
But there was one brave sole who stood up to be counted. Like the noble Prof Kelly who has spoken out for science against the Royal Society, his name was also Kelly, a Dr Kelly. He let the press know the evidence could not support the conclusions it was being used to support. He met his death, whether it was by his own hands or another we do not know, but we do know his death was undoubtedly the responsibility of the British establishment either by intention or neglect.
Whether or not the Iraq war could be justified as Bush did in the US, the fact is that the perpetrators of the horrific events of 911 were in Afghanistan – a region almost ignored as Bush pushed for war in the middle east an area that has been in turmoil ever since leading directly to the rise of ISIS. So if only in hindsight, history will judge the Blair-Bush invasion of Iraq as a failure leading to ISIS. It singularly failed to make Iraq stable or save the population from repressive murdering regimes.
We can only guess what would have happened if the true state of evidence were known about WMD. But we can be certain that without the lies over WMD, if the UK had gone to war it would have been by popular support which would have vastly reduced the potential for home-grown terrorists that have since emerged.
The important thing is like Climate, we know for certain that many of those at the coal face gathering intelligence were completely deluded about Sadam’s “WMD”. We know there were widespread doubts but only one brave sole dared to speak up. And the many like Dr Kelly who did not speak out are perhaps more culpable than any for for both Dr Kelly’s death and all the lives lost in Iraq in the war and since. Indeed, I’ve always felt that it was highly likely that Sadam would actively encourage rumours of WMD because it would make him look a threat and therefore less vulnerable to outside aggression – an obvious possibility that seemed impossible for these “intelligence” agencies to conceive.
But like Iraq WMD, in the area of climate we have also seen this wholesale fabrication or at least “sexing up” of the evidence. Normal weather events seen regularly were sexed up as “Weather of Mass Destruction”. Scientists who did not support the political “consensus” like Salby were hounded out of their jobs. And eventually those at the coalface of gathering intelligence became so deluded by their own sexed up evidence that even in the face of increasing evidence that their predictions were wrong, they laughingly increased their confidence that they were right.
Now is the time to speak up
From my analysis of the past temperature of the planet, I guarantee that sooner or later temperatures will drop below the current level. And when that happens, if this whole “carbon capitalist”, “anti-western industry” scare has not imploded before, it certainly will certainly implode at that point. And I doubt the public who have had £100s if not £1000s stolen from us through our electricity bills at a time of great hardship economically will be in any mood to forgive. Those not speaking up, will be treated no differently from the last few zealots as they all are left “holding the baby” of failed science.
At that point, people like Prof Kelly who speak up for the evidence against the “consensus” will be applauded. But those who wait until there is no choice but to accept the evidence that the models have failed, will be booed off the lectern.
So, academics now have a simple choice. Not speaking up puts you in the same camp as deluded zealots. So, you have a simple choice. You can speak up for science now or suffer the indignity and lack of credibility when this delusion is exposed for what it is,

it’s your choice.

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