How to boil a journalist

No frogs were harmed in the making of this photo

No frogs were harmed in the making of this photo

I have watching with increasing bewilderment as various journalists continue with their alarmist rhetoric which simply cannot be sustained against current evidence. And I think I’ve found the metaphor for what is happening.

There is a belief amongst some people that if you put a frog in a pan and slowly raise the temperature, that it will just sit there until it is too hot and it dies. Of course like the flat earth and Canute with the waves, it is made up rubbish.

However, it originates in the idea that some people in very slowly changing situations will just sit and sit without doing anything until their situation is so dire that any other sane person faced with that situation would jump out.

And this is what I think has happened to alarmist journalists. Climate takes years to change. Almost all journalists are not only clueless about the science but they are also dyed in the wool alarmists. So everyone they know is also an alarmist and the only people they even vaguely know who has any clue about the science are academics who although also dyed in the wool alarmists – have the awkward problem of knowing that the science does not back up their alarm.

And the academics who know that the evidence no longer stacks up, have been slowly slowly slowly going off the idea. Not by making huge profile announcements, but instead by just not being so willing to stand in front of the BBC’s latest hate-umentary against their sceptic viewers.

So, there never has been a “crunch point” forcing journalists to re-examine the issue. Instead they have just kept the same ridiculous views for over a decade even though no sane journalist coming to the subject of “global warming” after 18years of pause, complete failure of climate models, global ice back at normal levels, no increase in climate extremes, a decrease in hurricanes and children still knowing what snow is … no journalist would swallow this non-science about doomsday warming in the face of NO EVIDENCE to support it. (Rookies might be more sceptical, but they probably quickly get indoctrinated into the journalists alarmists views)

They don’t ever look at global warming afresh. They just keep believing the same non-science they have for over a decade despite the overwhelming evidence against their insane views.

What we need is something that’s going to cause these sleepy frogs to wake up feel the cooler sceptical environment outside their glasshouses and get out the hot water they are in.

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5 Responses to How to boil a journalist

  1. oldfossil says:

    If Barry says it’s warming it has to be. QED ergo and settled.

  2. waterside4 says:

    Very perceptive – but suppose as a journo, at say, the loss making graunard or the biased BBC, you believed that it is all a lie, where or how could you publish the truth and still pay the mortgage?
    That is probably the real dilemma.

  3. Scott M says:

    Im sure 80% of the population when told scientists agree and people who dont are nutcases believe that it must be happening and a serious issue. After all, why wouldnt they?
    As long as the money keeps flowing that story wont change, even if we head into an iceage….I cant think of anything that would stop the narrative, except maybe WW3 which would refocus the resources.

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