Satellite study finds global forest loss reversing

From the “I told you CO2 was a plant food” stable comes this story: “Analysis of 20 years of satellite data has revealed the total amount of vegetation globally has increased by almost the equivalent of 4 billion tonnes of carbon since 2003. This is despite ongoing large-scale deforestation in the tropics. ,…  we found […]

Lewandowsky: a conspiracy theorist or just evil?

There’s nothing I dislike more than evil people who set out intentionally to destroy the reputations of others knowing they don’t deserve it. Ever since I read Lewandowsky’s research and discovered he had done research into how a lie sticks even after it is retracted (in that case Iraq WMD), I have strongly suspected Lewandowsky […]

Proof Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity is less than 1 – for dummies

[As JK rightly highlights I stated ECS as 1. It should have been stated as a temperature. Using a typical figure for the effect of CO2 without feedbacks this would be 1C. However, that 1C figure is itself disputed. Prof Hermann Harde suggested a 30% lower figure based on latest HITRAN data which I understand […]

Hansen was part of the Global cooling consensus

I’ve been dealing with another one of those vile internet bullies who keep trying to write the global cooling scare out of history. What really shows their low IQ, is that Hansen wasn’t saying anything different from what most intelligent people would still readily accept today: “we are heading toward another ice-age some time”. The […]

Does anyone at #ringberg have any relevent qualification, experience or expertise?

Looking down the list of speakers at Ringberg today, it struck me that not one of them was an engineer and none of them seemed to have any relevant qualifications or experience in feedback systems. So if they aren’t trained how to undestand such systems and don’t have any experience with such systems how can […]