Spock warns of an ice age like that before #10000bc

“We can say with confidence that we are heading toward another ice-age.” I listened to a similar documentary when at school. When recently green groups pushing doomsday warming started denying that this global cooling scare ever happened, I tried to find the original UK documentary without success. But thanks to Steve Goddard I’ve finally found […]

Corrupt Scottish press – no mention of Pachauri's planned visit to Scotland despite meeting with Scottish minister

Why is Aileen McLeod, Minister for Environment & Climate Change hiding her arranged meeting with disgraced UN Chief climate scientist? Why are the Scottish press withholding details of this affair from the Scottish public?

It's easy to convince an alarmist – ad hominen attacks!

Following the results of the survey I concluded that it was easy to convince a sceptic – just show them the data. But the data and analysis does not lie. And the inevitable conclusion from my detailed analysis is that climate alarmism stems from the combination these factors: Ignorance & inability to analyse the data […]

Distribution of Grain size with depth in dikes

The caterpillar theory of plate tectonic movement predicts that just as we see cracks developing in soil that has dried up, so we expect to see much larger, deeper & repeated cracks developing from the surface downward, one new set for each ice-age perhaps as much as 1-2km deep. The following video shows that (some) […]