The Green Hobbyist

I came across an article written by someone whose house has been stolen. Given the context I immediately expected another green hypocrite and I was not mistaken.
But first, however hypocritical, obnoxious and generally “denialist” the person, a crime was committed and it’s a personal tragedy for them and no one “deserves” that. However, as they remind me so much of the hypocritical “denialists” who have a massive personal carbon footprint and then criticise us sceptics for putting the facts in the way of the hypocritical hysteria, as the block is unlikely to read this, I feel it’s worth highlighting how ridiculous their idea of “green” actually is.
Like all “Greens” they start by saying they were “going to live as ethically and responsibly as we possibly can“. So what do they do? They buy a plot of land in the wilderness: “45 minute drive to our property – a drive that I’ve made at least 20 times each way, at this point.” and what’s the first thing they do?  … destroy the wilderness or as he puts it: “after the $3,100 of additional land clearing and tree-trimming“.The greenest people are not the rich twats who buy a house in the “green” country and commute to work and their social life in the city, but those who live in the city and walk to the shops because they can’t afford a car.
Because it’s a simple law of nature:

Income = Carbon Use

Poor = Green

Rich = Not Green

Because everytime they spend money they use fossil fuels. Money = carbon usage. So the greenest thing a person can do, is to live without money.
Instead what does this twat do? Having destroyed the wilderness (they appear to have hired in fossil-fuel using machinery)  he goes on the typical massive carbon spending project of the green hobbyist and spends: “$35,000 into parts alone on the house.” – which is a very grandiose name for what the estate agent calls a “trailer”.
And like all Greens he sounds a really nasty guy who just can’t tolerate even the mildest of rebukes for not securing his “trailer”:

The guy sounds like a serious jackass who failed to take even simple precautions.

his response:

Through all the shit we’ve put up with, all of the YouTube comments of, “Your drywall is going to crack,” and “Your walls are not strong enough,” and “That flooring won’t work – just saying”; through all of the hardships I’ve burned through, trying to build up my business while building this house – KILLING myself; through all of the idiots defending Scott Stewart, who tried (and FAILED) to steal $7,300 of our money;

And what’s his attitude to the caring neighbours who went out of their way to get in touch with him about the house:

I’m not keeping the location secret any more, because we’re not going to live there now.  She told me that our neighbor somehow got a hold of her, to let her know that there was a break-in at our property.  

And reading between the lines it sounds as if these “tiny houses” are really meant for those who cannot afford homes not for rich stuck up people with a green hobby who wants a weekend retreat in the countryside.They sound like the typical raving eco-zealot we meet so often on line. The ones who are incensed with the rest of the world for not having the money or stupidity to be passionate about their green hobby – a hobby which wastes mountains of carbon on buying green trinkets which are just a modern “carbon indulgence”:

Aside from all the assholes involved, I have been incredibly motivated to live in a small footprint, while using as few resources as possible. I know that global warming is destroying the planet, and it’s very likely that we’ll see some devastating effects of it within our lifetime. I was excited to use rain-water catchment, very little electricity, and compost our waste.

But like all green hobbyists, he talks the talk but won’t walk the walk, because after spending all this money/carbob on his green hobby, is is not at all committed to living in a footprint the size of a trailer:

None of that can happen now. … after going through all this shit, AND having our house stolen, I’m done.  We’re done.  We can’t live in a neighborhood with people who think it’s okay to steal someone’s custom built home, so that neighborhood is out.  We don’t have the energy to try and find another spot to build on, so even if the police find our house (which at the moment, they appear to be doing fuck-all), we’re just going to get rid of it.  Just to be clear – all of this would be okay, if the last item in the sum wasn’t our house being stolen.

And notice how he blames everyone else but himself! If this guy were really wanting to be green, he’d give up on his job and live in a slum in the third world where they have no choice but to be green.


A “Green” with so much money (aka Carbon use) they can afford to just toss it away on their green hobby – claims to want to be “ethical” but in reality increases their carbon footprint by spending a huge lump of money on a “Green” trailer (which itself was presumably quite cheap as it was meant for low cost housing) 45 minutes drive away which they then use as a weekend green-hobby retreat.
They then destroy the local environment, cutting trees and generally destroy the wilderness and turn it into a small plot of suburbia.
They hate the locals who can live there sustainably without destroying their environment nor commuting each week because they don’t buy into their “Green” hysteria. They don’t take the necessary security steps. And to cap it all – when someone finally does something useful with his project and “recycles” their vacant unused weekend house … they use this as an excuse. They blame the locals who went out of their way to help this jackass and claim it’s because of these helpful locals (not their inability to live in a trailer) that they’ve given up on the project.

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8 Responses to The Green Hobbyist

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    You can stop feeling guilty for thinking the guy’s a complete prat because his house has been found. He’s a typical Generation Whyney. I’m not sure how he could spend 2.5 years of his spare time and that much money of a glorified shed on wheels but I get the impression he’s not very practical. I really hope he got someone else to do the plumbing and the electrics. If ugly concrete paving stones sat on grit are his idea of a drive for an SUV I hate to think what might go wrong with the rest of his house.
    The Tiny House concept is insane. There isn’t enough land on the planet for everyone to have a plot of land and then to build a house on it that will neither suit a family nor their old age. From a quick read I couldn’t tell if this was just a holiday hut or a hut of our dreams concept but I suspect that ten years from now he’ll be enthusing about something completely different.
    As you say, he has no real idea of how to behave ecologically. I’m not sure that the environment can survive idiots like this and we can only hope that the best decision he and Jessica ever make is not to pollute the planet with more little eco twits like themselves.

  2. A C Osborn says:

    There appears to have been some Time Travel on this forum, can the host say anything about why it has travelled back in time?

  3. markstoval says:

    Scottish Sceptic,
    Every once in a while I try to comment to ask a question or make an observation and my comment just goes off into space someplace. This almost always happens when I am trying to alert you to some article or some piece in the news. (weird, eh?)
    I was wondering if you could put up an e-mail contact so I could e-mail you when that sort of thing happens.
    Or, you could e-mail me at mark.stoval AT so I would have the return address.
    ~ Mark

  4. Chris says:

    Ok, this is my very first online post/comment but I gotta rant, it’s going to be long, just what all I’ve researched and decided I want for my future.
    Probably better to do it here than actually on one of the tiny house blog pages, as I’m sure I’d hear all kinds of flack lol.
    (and please forgive my grammer)
    1st. yes, unfortunately the house was stolen, (but recovered (and if he/she/they really do get rid of it, they shouldn’t have built it in the first place because they clearly do not belong in a tiny house community with their negative attitudes after just 2 hiccups, yes, not the best circumstances, but still.) but it’s more the owners fault than the thieves., “Hey thieves…I have $30,000+ on a silver platter, please help yourselves”.
    if you buy a new vehicle/home, would you leave windows open, doors unlocked ? – NO.
    then why would you not lock up your trailer ?, put it on jack stands ?, remove wheels ?
    “common sense”, not everybody is capable of using it., can’t fix stupid, but duct tape helps in a pinch.
    2. “I / we planned on going more green, water catchment, composting etc..” , why do you need to have a tiny house to do that ?, why can’t you do that in that big yellow house now?, why weren’t you doing that in the first place ?
    3. Mr. Friday’s site – (they closed their comment section)…I’m all for the tiny house ‘dare I say’ movement…not really a movement, been around ,that I know or read about, since the 30’s. upset me that because of their upsetting delima, they automatically grouped anyone & everyone that either reads, likes, wants one, or is living in a tiny house, to be morally bad and should seriously think before they build one or want to live in one.
    Where do you get off Mr friday, saying all people that are into tiny houses are bad ?
    You need to respect yourself before you demand respect from others.
    As for myself,..
    I plan to build a tiny house (eventually).
    why ?
    because I want to own my livable dwelling out wright and be less dependant on the grid.
    So far I’ve done about 1.5 years research.
    Why do research ?
    I’m not a contractor or in construction but am very handy and am a perfectionist., & can build to code.
    Can’t afford a bigger house, nor do I want one, just can’t fathom why anyone would want a home/property that’ll never truly be theirs.
    Yeah, your home/land is fully paid off, I’ve heard it all before, but think about this…’stop paying city/county taxes on that parcel/property’ and see how quick the local municipality or banking institute take everything away and put it up for auction due to unpaid taxes.
    IMO, these tiny house builders or the people building their own house aren’t actually doing any research before hand.,
    Example: your trailer, the very foundation of the house, can’t just be built on any flatbed trailer, the majority are being built on trailers that are meant to hold all the weight in the center.
    You gotta get one or modify one that will hold the weight from the outside due to all the tiny house models being built are known as balloon framing, all the weight is on/in the outer walls.
    I’m saving now for my trailer, have all the large pallet wood for frame and interior walls, plan on using smaller pallet wood planks for interior walls, flooring, cabinets, shelving, etc..
    Going to have a composting toilet, power needs will be mix of solar, wind and hydro then a very small generator for emergency use.
    Going with wood stove heated water, second hand acc. like kitchen sink, shower faucet/head, windows, door, etc.
    So far, I see either automotive or small home security system, motion activated cams/sensors, other personal deterants etc..
    Heat will be wood stove, a.c. will be modified swamp cooler (instead of a basic swamp cooler, add a small water pump, automotive oil cooler or heater core radiator, pump ice cold water through radiator with fan blowing air through it) so instead of damp moist cool air, now you have dry cool air.
    I may not be totally “green” now, but at least I’m making an effort to go further, and not going to easily “Give Up” due to an unfortunate theft, mishap, negative comments, etc etc..
    Just now starting more research on security for future home and myself while living abroad.
    sorry for the long mis-spelled rant lol
    ok, I guess I’m done ranting / explaining my plans haha

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      I enjoyed that!
      If I had the money I would love to get a small caravan or boat and do it up.
      But I’d have to do it purely for my own enjoyment.

  5. mary says:

    I could never put into words why a very well off ($$$) family member’s new “tiny life” irked me to the nth degree You’ve done it for me! Thanks. I feel better that someone out there sees what i see.

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