I said there would be powers cuts this winter – and we've just had one!

At around 9:05pm tonight as I was pouring a drink … the lights went out. In October when Didcot had problems I said: “This means Scotland has a “reasonable” chance [I guess 50:50] of at least one major conurbation facing an evening without power typically in January – March.” I just didn’t think we would […]

A strange week.

I’ve spent most of the week surveying part of a local nature reserve. During that week, I’ve had dozens of people coming up to me to complain about a group of “environmentalists” destroying the environment. It got so bad, that I was glad when it started pouring down rain as that meant I would be […]

Pope denies god

I read today the headline: “Pope Francis says climate change is mostly man-made.” In other words, he is denying what is technically called “natural variability”, but in a previous more religious age was called “acts of god”. And to make it all the worse in “Canute”** style he intends to issue a papal bull denying […]

The Green Hobbyist

I came across an article written by someone whose house has been stolen. Given the context I immediately expected another green hypocrite and I was not mistaken. But first, however hypocritical, obnoxious and generally “denialist” the person, a crime was committed and it’s a personal tragedy for them and no one “deserves” that. However, as […]

Welcome to the age of the internet: 15 days and finally my parcel has left Bulgaria and reached … Hungary.

On the 22nd of December my paypal “cheque” finally cleared and I confidently expected to hear the ring on the door just before or just after Xmas. Xmas came and went. Eventually I gave the supplier a ring and they emailed me a tracking number. What a delight! From this tracking number I can now […]

Acidgate – more clear evidence of a $trillion fraud – I doubt it will make the news

Over at Jo Nova, she has one of the clearest instances of criminal fraud that has been seen in this whole $trillion global warming scam. To put it simply, at the same time as telling us CO2 will cause “ocean acidification” the “scientists” (and how anyone can call such crooks scientists is beyond me), have […]