Inhofe: finally the big guns are firing!

For years, we sceptics have faced a hostile press, hostile government politicians, hostile “in-the-trough” academics and worst of all, the hostile idiotic celebrities – jumping on the bandwagon – most of whom wouldn’t know at atom if it hit them – preaching down to us sceptics most of whom have science or engineering degrees …

Well take cover you bandwagon celebs:

Streisand: Inhofe ‘frightening’

Finally, your days of preaching non-science to us scientists are over. Finally when you talk drivel you will be called out. Finally your hypocritical lies about wanting to “save the world” when you fly everywhere, will be called out as in comes the big gun Senator Inhofe to pound you to smithereens.

Do I think Streisand deserves it? No idea. Is she like all the other science illiterates who falsely claim science backs them in their idiotic assertions. Yes! Will she and all the other cloth between the ears celebs get away with their non-science from now on? Not so easily.

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