If climate change isn't manmade – but we could control it – should we control it?

I was reading a Breitbart headline: Climate Change is Not Our Fault, So Let’s Just Deal With It, says California Professor And took the meaning to be “it’s not our fault – but even so we must tackle it”, not the intended “just live with it”, when I realised it raised an intriguing question. Imagine […]

PDO and El Nino: resonant response to natural variation?

In a recent article by Kevin Trenberth amongst his silly comments he mentioned El Nino and Pacific Decadal Variability as one of many “the dog ate my warming” type excuses to deny the scientific fact of the pause. In my comment to his diabtribe I suggested that PDO is very likely being just a manifestation […]

A brief summary of why "science" failed with global temperature

David Cage prompted me to write a reply which on reflection is a nice summary of why academic science got into this mess with global warming so I’m posting it as an article. He was replying to my comment that “academics … are looking increasingly sheepish and trying to talk about anything but their proven […]

Launch of my election campaign for UK parliament 2015

I have today worked out that one would only need £1100 to stand at next years election and that mean with funding I could stand against Jo Swinson, Lib Dem Minister so utterly pro global warming that my sides ache laughing listening to her. Jo Swinson car crash interview with Andrew Neil (07Oct14) The costs […]

The Death of Kyoto and the lies about a replacement

On 31st December 2012, the sceptics won the war on global warming nonsense as the Kyoto protocol commitment faded into history as it ended without any realistic prospect of a replacement. However, the world was lied to. We were told that a magical fairy had come along, created a magical replacement called “Doha” and that […]

Does internet scrutiny improve academia?

For much of the last decade as the internet allowed people outside universities to not only have access to the same data but to comment on what academia was doing and even propose their own ideas. Personally, that process has revealed some horrendous failings in academia with appalling standards seeming to be everywhere from climate […]

Stonehenge, pyramids + Glastonbury – but can anyone tell me the probability of seeing the sun?

I’ve written three articles suggesting how ancient monument could have been used to calibrate a calendar: Stonehenge the Calendar Pyramid Stonehenge Lintel Ring But some key data is missing: how often can we see the sun? Midday sun There are two separate figures I need. The first is one to work out the probability of […]