BBC bias – now it's Scottish nationalist alarmists complaining

If you haven’t been living in outer Mongolia away from any modern media, you will probably already know that the BBC are completely biased on climate. True they’ve stopped reporting global warming alarmism recently, but that is because they’ve all but stopped reporting the climate since Richard Black left.
However, if you don’t live in Scotland, you may not know that the Scottish government are also completely biased on climate to the extent you are treated as a non-person in Scotland if you are a climate sceptic. My SNP MSP refuses to deal with me on constituency matters. And yes, I did try to raise the issue of BBC bias with my SNP MSP by email – and that was probably one of the reasons she refused to meet me on constituency issues.
But now …

YES supporters have held a demonstration outside BBC Scotland’s headquarters in what they said was a protest over the broadcaster’s coverage of the referendum.
They marched from the city centre to the BBC’s Pacific Quay offices in Glasgow, claiming the BBC’s reporting has been“biased” against independence. (Scotsman)

Great isn’t it! Suddenly when it suits them, they’ve woken up to BBC bias. It’s the complete hypocrisy, double standards, the inability to believe that they are anything but perfect and that the whole world is against them (if they aren’t for them) which is so delightful. That’s why I’ve knicknamed the SNP alarmist government the banana republic of renewables – they’re bananas!
Have the BBC been biased? More than likely. Have I noticed it? No. Do I care that the BBC might have promoted the no side rather than the yes, when the civil service machinery in Scotland has almost been turned into a gigantic party political campaigning machine for yes? Not on your nelly!
I’ve learnt to accept that the BBC are always biased. And unless you are some big organisation who can afford lawyers, you just have to accept that fact.
The big difference, is in this case, the bias of the government machinery is matched by the bias of the BBC. In the case of the climate, the bias of the government machinery was added to the bias of the BBC was added to the bias of the wind lobbyists was added to the bias of academia, was added to the bias of NGOs, was added to the bias of the oil companies (all of whom got into wind).

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