Only 0.6C warming – IPCC must now scale down warming prediction

At the heart of all climate models is an equation of the form: Warming = CO2_Warming x feedbacks. Forget feedbacks, now this paper shows the IPCC are vastly exaggerated the direct warming effect of CO2 – global temperature must be scaled back by up to 50%! Or in the words of the paper: The objective […]

what more is there for sceptics? – I'm not a pyschiatrist and I'm no priest!

As I was writing a note today I explained why I felt there was little more for the sceptic to do because “Scepticism is about basing your views on the evidence and the evidence is now very very clearly in favour of our view that there is no scientific basis for this claim of catastrophic […]

They think it's all over! … It is now!

1.33C That’s it! Earlier this year, Nic Lewis and science writer Marcel Crok put forward a new estimate of the Earth’s climate sensitivity based on observational data, this figure has been confirmed by Professor Judith Curry and Lewis using the latest empirical data and a more sophisticated methodology which now makes it look even less […]

BBC bias – now it's Scottish nationalist alarmists complaining

If you haven’t been living in outer Mongolia away from any modern media, you will probably already know that the BBC are completely biased on climate. True they’ve stopped reporting global warming alarmism recently, but that is because they’ve all but stopped reporting the climate since Richard Black left. However, if you don’t live in […]

English tourists ‘cancelling holidays to Scotland’ due to "ill feeling"

SCOTTISH holiday companies have been faced with cancellations from English tourists worried that there may be “ill feeling” towards them after the referendum – no matter what the result. Companies providing holiday accommodation north of the border say dozens of holidaymakers have contacted them saying that they do not want to holiday in a country […]

Jokers set up fake Scotland-England border control

SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE: Three days before one of the biggest events in Scottish history a group of pranksters have decided to inject a little light-hearted humour into proceedings by setting up a border control post. (Scotsman) Giving the gag an authentic look, the jokers erected a barrier and donned high visibility jackets, making the spoof checkpoint […]

This is why Scots will not be voting yes!

Intimidation, violence and repression of any dissent – it sounds like some Nazi dictator. This however is the reality of the Scottish “independence” campaign. We haven’t yet got to Brown shirts roaming the street beating up anyone who disagrees with them, but as the article shows below, we are almost there. There are numerous reports […]