Change of site address to

I’ve finally decided to provide this Scottish Sceptic blog its own url:

If there are any teething problems please add your comment here.

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6 Responses to Change of site address to

  1. Mark Stoval says:

    I had no trouble with the new site, but I can’t log in “automagically” via my WordPress account anymore. No big deal I suppose.

    What made you finally decide to change the address? I have wondered about doing it myself.

    • Scottish Sceptic says:

      I’ve been thinking of doing it for a while and the summer is a good time to try this out because a lot of people (including me) go on holiday.

  2. mpcraig says:

    I just have to leave this link in case you missed it. That would be unfortunate.

  3. Richard Mallett says:

    When I post comments (as I did on the ‘About’ page last night) it doesn’t ask me if I want to be notified of replies or new comments like it used to. Will it notify me by email like it did before ?

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