Eureka!! (Ice Age theory)

I’ve had a partial explanation for why the earth enters and leaves ice-ages for a while. I’ve been tempted to publish for a while, but wasn’t entirely happy with it because the mechanism (which I’ve not seen anyone suggest) didn’t seem sufficiently robust to trigger the ice-ages.

Then this morning, I suddenly realised there was another effect an order of magnitude larger which I had been ignoring. Now I’m sure the combined effects are sufficiently large. They also explain important details and better still the theory predicts some pretty significant changes at key points – things which I’m sure can be checked – so best of all, it’s not just idle conjecture that no one will ever know whether it is right, but it it is a scientifically testable theory.

This all happened this morning, and as I began imagining the climate as it went through the various phases, so many additional ramifications and mechanisms were just flowing through my mind that I just had to write it down, before I forget something important. So I grabbed the first pad of paper and started scribbling furiously.

The pad happened to be stamped on every page “The Royal Society”. Coincidence?

Unfortunately, because the theory involves several entirely new ideas, each of which will need a detailed explanation, I need time to write it up. So, in a sense, this is just my diary entry marking the day it happened.

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  1. “Testable” will be a welcome innovation in global warming science. Good luck, well actually not luck – I wish you good science.

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