Goodbye Doctor Delingpole

When Richard Black left the BBC – I said he left to spend more time in the environment. When Hansen left NASA – I said he left to spend more time with the environment.

Now Delingpole is going to “pastures new” … how can I say anything else but he is now free to roam the environment soaking up the sun – that filters in between the birdmincer blades.

He might only have a been an English graduate – but he did far more to make sceptics respectable even humorous than almost anyone else. What is more, he had the guts to speak up in the darkest times before Climategate when there were many who were seriously trying to create gulags for sceptics.

He truly deserves an honorary doctorate from the University of Sceptics.

Goodbye Doctor Delingpole.


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2 Responses to Goodbye Doctor Delingpole

  1. catweazle666 says:

    It appears that there is a new editorial regime in force over at the DT.

    The Daily Telegraph will be much the worse for losing his services, and this will be reflected not only in visitor numbers to their on-line edition, but in advertising revenue also.

    • It’s the last gasps of a dying institution – I call them the DNM (dinosaur news media), they have always pandered to the big institutions, government, universities, etc. they’ve always been the mouthpiece of the bully-boy institutions telling us little folk what to do.

      Now, us little folk have decided to get our new online from the CNM (citizen News Media) and the DNM are roaring and screaming and demanding that we return.

      It now seems likely that first the Independent, then the Guardian, many local papers and likely a couple of other nationals will all go to the wall – largely as a result of people like Delingpole being so successful on the CNM.

      What I don’t think many of these “dinosaur” institutions or even those who still advertise in them have realised, is that they no longer rool the roost. The sun will never again be able to say “it was the Sun what won it” … because it will be the social media what won it.

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