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After Mr Connolley’s outrageous behaviour I got a few emails in sympathy amongst which was this link:

Normally I wouldn’t have posted it. But why not? It is hilarious and it so neatly sums up all climate propaganda “science”. This is no eco activist “warrior”, but just another middle age balding man huffing and puffing on a toy pretending to himself he is achieving something but in reality going nowhere.


Following my post, it has just been pointed out to me that Connolley is not a climate scientist. And yes, as far as I can see has no scientific qualifications and so I apologise for all real scientists and have amended the article to reflect this.

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Given that Connolley has been allowed to say his piece, that he has a track record of provoking stupid and pointless discussions and I’ve got far more important things at the moment. I’m disabling comments.

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6 Responses to Caption Competition

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m not sure why you think that clip is hilarious. He looks fit and heathy to me and it’s nice to see people in our society getting some exercise. Surely you must approve of someone looking after themselves and relieving the NHS from some of the strain of diseases like diabetes and obesity.

    • Rachel, he’s just another rich westerner crying crocodile tears as he flies off on foreign holidays and like every other consumer like Clarkson he also has his “go-faster” boys-toys.

      The reason he can afford to keep fit, is because he’s got a massive carbon footprint and is just another going-nowhere industry funded lackey in the carbon economy he so despises.

  2. > Mr

    Dr. But accuracy isn’t your strong point. To me, this post indicates that you’re getting rather humourless, and obviously stressed. I prescribe:

    for a bit of fun, which also features me, briefly. Or you might like:

    Note the backsplash.

    But to be serious: this post of yours falls far below any kind of civilised level. I’m fairly sure you’ll realise that at some point (so I’ve taken a copy). Here’s a test for you: try showing your, with no commentary from you, to one of your friends who has no interest in the climate wars. See how they react.

  3. stewgreen says:

    “Not a scientist”, we are talking about the famous William Connolly the Wikipedia mangler , who re-edited thousands of times other writers angle on climate change ? He’s aways described as a scientist (not that should add any weight to the words that come out of someones mouth : fallacy of authority)
    – his own entry says “Until December 2007, Connolley was Senior Scientific Officer in the Physical Sciences Division in the Antarctic Climate and the Earth System project at the British Antarctic Survey. His research focused on sea ice measurement and modelling, including the HadCM3 global climate model. Connolley also worked on the validation of satellite data against more direct upward looking sonar observations in the Weddell Sea area.[4][5] He concluded that Bootstrap data produced a better fit than data produced by NASA and that GCM predictions are more realistic than previously thought.”

    • I did not find any evidence at all he’s even done an o’level in science let alone a degree.
      He’s not qualified to speak on the climate so it was wrong on me to imply that his behaviour was in any way representative of those who are qualified.

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