Update to uClimate.com

uClimate.com has been improved. The main change is that the list of sceptic and non-sceptic blogs can now be viewed separately and the sites are listed with the number of posts in the last month. This gives us the following league table:-


SITE /mth
Judith Curry 15
James Annan 8
Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. 5
Paul Hudson 2
Surface temps 1
Climate Lab Book – Ed Hawkins 1

Sceptic sites

SITE /mth
Stephen Goddard 228
Climate Depot 193
Watts Up With That? 92
The GWPF 80
Paul Homewood 56
Bishop Hill 38
No Tricks Zone 38
American Elephants 37
Climate Scam (Swedish) 31
Tallbloke’s Talkshop 23
Die Kalte Sonne 21
William Briggs 20
CO2 Science 18
Jo Nova 14
Warren Meyer 14
Bob Tisdale 11
Warwick Hughes 10
Global Warming Skeptics 10
Master Resource 10
Roy Spencer 10
Australian Climate Madness 9
Polar Bear Science 8
Science Skeptical 8
Jennifer Marohasy 7
Scottish Sceptic 7
The Cosmic Tusk 7
Geoff Chambers 6
James Delingpole 5
No Frakking Consensus 5
Rational Optimist 4
Science of Doom 4
Digging in the Clay 4
Clive Best 3
Hilary Ostrov 3
Climate Sanity 3
The Chiefio – E.M. Smith 3
C3 Headlines 3
The Next Grand Minimum 3
Climate Resistance 2
Resilient Earth 2
Climate Conversation – NZ 2
Harold Ambler 1
Energy, Security, and Climate 1
Dr. Tim Ball 1
Shub Niggurath 1
Harmless Sky 1
Climate Audit 1
Marcel Crok – De staat van het klimaat 1


SITE /mth
Climate Progress 73
Climate Denial Crock of the Week 49
uknowispeaksense 21
The Carbon Brief 20
Manchester Climate Monthly 19
Planet 3.0 16
NYT Dot Earth – Revkin 14
DeSmogBlog 14
Stoat – Connolley 13
John Fleck 12
And then there’s physics 11
Met Office 8
What’sUpWithThatWatts, et al. 7
350 or bust 7
Vvatts Up With That 6
Climate Science Watch 5
Hot Topic 5
A Few Things Ill Considered 5
Skepticblog 5
The Benshi 5
Bill Hooke 5
From a Glaciers Perspective 5
Real Sceptic 4
Yale Climate Media Forum 4
Simple Climate 3
Real Climate 3
George Monbiot 3
The Cosmogonic Grunt 2
Scienceblogs @ Seed 2
Climate, People & Organizations 2
Isaac Held 1
Ecologically Orientated 1
ClimateSight 1
Climate Outreach Information Network 1
Bart Verheggen 1
Celsias 1
Tamino’s Open Mind 1
Doug McNeall’s blog 1
robertscribbler 1

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7 Responses to Update to uClimate.com

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    Looks very good. A replacement from Tom Nelson’s site since he’s concentrating on twitter at the moment. Is there a way to include commenting? While it’s best to visit the original site, some don’t have commenting, others have strong moderation policies and some require registration. I know it wouldn’t work to have a comment box for every story but one a day?

  2. Note. The above table is all the posts that were found which are dated within the last month. Due to the means of searching for new articles some before Xmas could be missing.

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